Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wicked Vest - Classic Elite Yarns

Pattern: Wicked Eyelet Rib Vest from the Classic Elite Yarns webletter

Ravelry Link: Wicked Eyele Rib Vest

I'm the first one on ravelry to finish this project !!

Yarn: Heirloom Cashmino - Red 844 - about six balls


I did one extra knit row around the neck opening.

Also, I think I did one less repeat of the middle rib section than the pattern infers. It's not too short though, but it does only have six buttons and the pattern says seven.


It would be easy to convert to knitting in one piece to the armholes, which would make the seaming unnecessary. I wonder why pattern companies keep designing garments in pieces?

There is clever shaping in this vest, the bottom rib pulls in more than the middle rib which pulls in more than the stocking stitch top part. Clever. And no decreases for the waist.

I don't love the armhome trim, although it is simple to work. If I were to knit it again, I'd probably work something a bit better looking.

This cashmere/merino is lovely to knit with, but when it hits water/steam it really expands and relaxes, so I had to be careful with the sizing. I made the large, but I could probably have made the medium size.

But I'm wearing it to work on Monday, so it can't be that bad!


Ginger_nut said...

love the red - fantabulous knitabulous!

About flat and seaming vs in the round - I have just started Knitwear Design, and a big component of that is machine knitting - I think that a lot of designers work with a flatbed knitting machine for speed and just write the pattern from that, not realising that there is an easier way to do it.

Rose Red said...

Love love love the red. For some weird reason, not all your photos show up, so I can't see the full view - but the closeups look great.

Sometimes they put seams in for added strength as well, eg to help stop the garment from sagging a bit. No idea if that works though.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pattern, I love the way it is pretty, without being overly sweet!! The colour is perfect and I like it more than the picture in the newsletter!!

Ann said...

The vest is gorgeous & I love th color. I am sure it looks great on you.

Prachi said...

lovely vest! I surfed here from your Ravelry page; just started making the pattern myself. Would have been great to see a picture of it on you!