Thursday, April 10, 2008

The trouble with trying to design knitting patterns is that you need to knit them. If you also want to knit for pleasure, then that adds up to a lot of knitting. And a lot of knitting takes a lot of time.

Not to mention the charting and writing up. Submission negotiations can lead to even more charting and writing up.

Rudely, families and work commitments also require some attention too.

For me, I wanted to spend this year taking designing a bit more seriously. That's partly why I ended my other bloglife.

But the main reason was that I felt it was having a detrimental effect on my relationships with other knitters. (do you blog? No? Oh well, I'll talk to the person next to you about blogs then. What's your blog name? How many comments/hits/stalkers do you have?) - this was turning into a load of us and them bullshit. Also, I was spending too much family time in front of the computer - counterproductive, stupid, selfish and unfair on them. Something had to give, and the old blog was an easy thing to let go.

This new blog really is only about the knitting. Ironically, since I've been concentrating on seeing if designing is my thing, I can't talk about half the stuff I'm knitting because I've signed contracts saying I won't.

Anyway, I've been swatching for Australia.

This is zephyr knit two-stranded in two different colours. Looks fantastic, flashes like fish scales.

This is zephyr in a combination of single strand and double strand. Also, can you see what happens when you pick up two stitches in every edge stitch and knit on? Wouldn't that make a nice detail on the end of a sleeve?

And I learned that that if you keep knitting a swatch, you'll end up with a front.

I don't know if it's even possible to graft faggotting, but I do know you can die trying.

And poppalina was right, this stuff is a mongrel to knit - but sure is pretty.

Have I had any results from these designing endeavours?

Well it would be crass for me to say.

Have you seen my bedroom mirror?

Here, have another look.


M-H said...

Wow! How floaty and soft and, well, pink that is. I like the mirror, too. So, how many hits do you get, then? :)

2paw said...

You DO make a lovely edging for a sleeve. I am quite taken with it. Love the long swatch and the beautiful reflected lace too!!!

SallyO said...

Good for you! I'm also going for it this year, in trying to get some patterns out there.
PS: I haven't got any stalkers! Am I missing out?

knitabulous said...


almost none at all.

knitabulous said...

I'm learning to not be ashamed of my love of pink.

claudine said...

Very beautiful, Ailsa!

Katewillknit said...

mmm lovely pink floaty lace. Very impressive swatching. I'm in awe.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the great shot of the pick up two stitches on the edge. Great idea for sleeves.

I try had to stick to just knitting on my blog. It is hard, however.

Patternmaker! I love it

jae said...

I can relate to the personal versus designing knitting struggle to find time. I am learning to love swatching and then letting someone else knit the design. Like anything I suppose it takes practice and getting used to in order to find the right balance.

littleredhen said...

I love what I'm seeing, and I'm glad you're back. Going blogless is like going braless. And I know you know that I know how you feel about that.

Anna said...

Oh, wow, I LOVE that mirror! Seriously pretty lace too, but mostly THE MIRROR=love. All your FO pics are simply gaaawgus darling!