Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get your coat love, you've pulled ..

I have had a fervent wish to knit a coat for quite some time. Not a cardigan. Not a jacket, but a proper long coat. Now a coat is a pretty big commitment knit, so I don't want to choose the wrong coat, for I doubt the inspiration to knit a whole coat will strike again.

I have considered literally hundreds of options (thank heaven for Ravelry pattern searches, but google can turn up some surprises too).

The runner up:

Norah Gaughan's Hex Coat

The winner (casting on next week):
Ivel - by sublevi designs

(photo from sublevi website - mouthwatering picture - please visit)

I am pretty excited about this knit. The pattern is beautifully written and presented, talk about tick all the boxes. Love the belt as well.

That just about fills the knitting dance card for the next 12 months, the plan being:

The Coat
The Fair Isle (Eunny Jang's Autumn Rose)
The Alice Starmore (St Brigid)
The Herbert Neibling (gloxineaflora doily)
A Dress of some sort

BTW, a FO looms in the near future. It's ugly, I hated knitting it so consequently the god of knitting ensured I stuffed it up and had to knit it twice, the yarn's a crock of poo, but my husband shocked me to the core and asked me to knit him something, and I could hardly say no, could I? (Guess what? It wasn't a pair of socks either)... Stay tuned.

Finally my gorgeous mate KATE had a baby!!! Go over and say congratulations. I wonder if she's going to make snb on Saturday??

(The post title? Say it in a Geordie accent, it's a pick up line - quite the opposite to the royalty inspired Ivel coat, named after a river in Eastern England)


FloridaMo said...

Both the runner up and winner are lovely!

LynS said...

What a brave and admirable knitting list! I look forward to seeing the progress and the outcomes. Have you seen the latest Mason-Dixon book? They also had the desire to knit a coat and give two patterns - neither of them as glamorous as your contenders.

Ann said...

Great choice. A coat has always been on my list too but still looking for the right pattern. Happy knitting.

Leeanne said...

I love both coats but do agree Ilve is better.
Yay for Kate, I hope she and bubs are doing well. If she turns up at SnB how great but that'd be a mega effort.

Rose Red said...

Love both of these coats - in fact Hex is in my Rav queue (along with over 400 other items - interesting, as I never really thought of myself as an optimist!!). But I think that Ivel is definitely the winner - lovely! Now, what yarn, hmmm?

colleen said...

I just love your blog. I'm not sure if you can post it but I gave you an award at my blog. Come on over and see.

Luni said...

The Ivel coat uses the same stitch pattern as the Leyburn socks (a free pattern by Mintyfresh on the Pepperknit blog). It is a slip-stitch pattern, quite fun to knit, and doesn't have much give; probably great for a coat.

Patsee said...

Ooh, that's gorgeous. I can't help but admire people who have the patience to tackle such large projects.