Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knit Stalker

My friend Donna has been knitting a pair of socks a month all year. I think, to be honest, she's one ahead for November, but that's neither here nor there.

I saw her knitting both pair of these socks, and I kept saying things like 'Wow. I love that colour. No, seriously, I LOVE that colour' and 'That sock looks amazing. LOVE that colour' and 'let me feel that sock. LOVE that colour you know'.

Anyhow, she must have taken the hint because look what she presented me for my birthday in a pretty pink box with a shiny ribbon.

I also have always said that I think the pomatomus sock looks it's best in white or cream. I remember seeing some gorgeous photos of a white pomotamus on a blog when it was first released, laying on a log, in the snow. I have tried in vain to find the blog and/or the pictures again, but to no avail. (Anyone?) Like quite a few of the blogs I've left by the wayside, I wish I could find that blog again. Anyhow, I just love the pomatomus sock pattern.

A while back, I gave another friend of mine an amount of laceweight yarn from my stash to knit her pretty as a peacock shawl. In leiu of payment, I flippantly said 'you can make me a pair of socks'. I was quite surprised when Kate enquired exactly which sock I would like, but not so suprised that I didn't remember that I love a white pomotomus. So, a while back now, the brand new-mum Kate made me these socks. I had to wait for them to be entered in the Bulli Show before I took ownership, but she won won first prize for them.

Life goes better with knitting (and the internet).

Left Sock: Donna's Firestarters (does everybody think of the prodigy whenever they say this word?) made with Dream in Color smooshy. Love them
Middle Sock: Kate's Pomotamus on white patonyle. Kate gave me another birthday present, she brought her three week old son Jude to see me. Newborn babies, nothing like them, I think they are good for the soul.
Right Sock: Donna's October Socks - Marina Piccola in Fleece Artist sock - they feel silky and heavenly on the feet, and look at that splendid heel action!


Kathy said...

Kate's pomo white socks are amazing. I LOVE the plain color with the fabulous pattern. I also really like the color you love. Very very fun.

Michelle said...

You lucky duck! Those socks are ALL amazing, and I think I might have to agree with you on the white pomotomas! It's perfect in the pale colour.

Donna said...

You are very right, I believe I am a pair ahead for November. I am also very drunk and going to bed now.
Enjoy your socks :)


Ann said...

Happy belated birthday. You are so lucky to receive 3 lovely pairs of socks. Handknitted socks are the best! Enjoy.

Michelle said...

oh wow. love those socks!!! hope you had a great time on your bday :)