Saturday, November 8, 2008

NSW is broke, and so am I

Yesterday the Director General of Corrective Services came down to the office next door for a visit and a piece of cake. Yeah right - he came down to sack them all. The office will be closing in March next year, along with Keelong, the local residential facility for delinquent (seems such an old-fashioned term these days) youth.

My initial reaction was one of compassion: Where are the kids going to go? Do my friends D and J still have job? (answers: into the community probably - maybe next door to you, and, well D does - might be in Blacktown though, don't know about J.)

Remember when I said I was going to cast on for the Ivel next week? Well, financially it might not be viable until after November. You see, the cheapest I can find the yarn online works out to be just under $220 before postage. I thought if I'm going to drop that much on yarn I may as well get the really cheap calmer for Morrigan while I'm there, even though it's not my first choice of colour, you can't go past 6.50 a ball. So I filled a shopping cart at Janette's Rare Yarns to the tune of $357.50 and went off to check a currency converter. Eek! Over $530.

Um, OK, take out the calmer. Still around $370.

I abandoned the cart. It is my birthday next week, but for that money I'd prefer a weekend away!

Perhaps I'll make a pair of socks instead. From stash.

While I'm on the subject of financial crises, have you seen this funny slideshow on the US subprime mortgage market? Certainly makes it easy to understand! Poor Norway.

PS: To all the commenters from yesterday, thank you for your concern. Although I must say, all this talk about diet and lifestyle change - you don't think it will come to that do you (grin)? I guess I knew it'd catch up with me sooner or later. (Seriously, I think it'll be either a lasering of the stones at first and a course of antibiotics and antacids for the ulcer - have to have a few more tests to rule out a few other things first. Like I said, it comes and goes.)


Bells said...

Geez. THAT much? yes, you could a weekend away for that though your yarn choices are almost tempting enough to say screw it all, just have it.

NSW Govt is in a bad way. has been for some time. Lots of not so good stuff going on there.

Glad they can sort out your gall stone issues with minimal intervention at this stage.

Michelle said...

Wow, that's a lot of money for a project! The anitibiotics for stomach ulcers are very good - I've taken them a couple of times. Very strong, but boy they do the trick!

Jussi said...

now comes the lecture I give Flash

are you broken? no you are not! there is no "broke", you have just chosen to spend your money on other things right now (like the mortgage and food)

and for a cheap weekend away you could always come and stay with me - the NZ dollar is worth next to nothing!!

I'd make you raspberry mojitos - that's fresh fruit!

Corrie said...

ouch! thats a lot of money! funny I don't notice $80 or $100 but getting up that high is expensive!!!!