Saturday, May 23, 2009

A bit paltry

I don't know what's happened to my knitting in May, but it's almost at a complete standstill. Working five days a week, dyeing a little here and there, blogging a little more, keeping the house under some control, making dinner every night, the unfreakingbelievable piles of washing that are either waiting to be washed, folded or ironed. it all kind of adds up each day. I tell you, I think it's the piles washing that bother me the most. I think I'm going to have to outsource some of it.

I do knit every single night, but sometimes I don't get to start until after 10pm, and I've been trying to go to bed before midnight (a change for me). And so, progress has been slow.

This is the second of the two tiny finished objects so far in May. A little February Baby Sweater, in Vatican Pie Jitterbug. Don't blame me for the colour problems, digital light meters don't know what they're talking about. And I can't correct them to save my life. Even after doing the stupid course.

I know what 2paw means when she says it's a bit wonky. It is a bit wonky down the front, has to do with the increases I reckon. Anyhow, it's for my brother and sister in laws in Ireland. We stayed with them in December and they just had a baby girl. So now I have two nephews and four nieces, only one of which is in the same country as me.

I only really like blogging about finished projects, but since there has been very little activity in this department in May, I'll have to talk about the most boring (to me) of all blog topics - my WIP's.

I started a feather and fan comfort shawl in Noro silk garden lite - as an exercise in getting out of the colour comfort zone (ie: knitting everything in purple). It started off a bit dull, but you can see by the ball of yarn it's about to get pretty wild. I have put this down because I am afraid I will run out of yarn before it's big enough. I say 'afraid' when I really mean 'sure'. I have no idea of the colourway, and I think I've tossed the labels. I do know that I got the last two balls of it from Sew and Tell. Plus, I'm a bit scared of that lime green and turquoise bit coming up - it looks a bit awful to me. But I am knitting this to be brave with colour - so I must somehow either knit it in the dark or get over it and just keep going.

I also started another Eyelet Rib Vest, this time in blue Alpaca Silk Georgette (which I got from my voucher from Wool Addiction in Bowral). Gorgeous yarn, why haven't I used this before? I have made a few modifications to the pattern, I'll tell you about them if I ever get the other side finished.

What a beautiful shop, if you're ever on your way to or from the snow (or maybe to or from Goulburn jail) or you know, anywhere near the Southern Highlands, you should drop in there. You won't be sorry.

Finally, I've been massively missing the lace. I haven't knit any lace whatsoever since finishing the pretty as a peacock shawl way back in March. I've decided that my own 'silver shadow' silk laceweight is the yarn, but the pattern? I'm having a lot of trouble deciding. But I'll leave that discussion for another day.

My true confession? I don't think I'll make the Heroine Jacket after all. I've kind of gone off it. Much as I really feel like a loser, telling you that 'I'm all excited about this project and can't wait to start', and then changing my mind, I think I'm going to have to just come out and admit it to you. Any suggestions for 1000+ yards of worsted weight wool in a charcoaly semi-solid?


Tara said...

Mmmm post it to me? lol worth a try!
Love that wee little FBS, but I am a total sucker for red on little girls. Hope it is appreciated!

Bells said...

what about a February Lady sweater? You've made the baby one, now make the big one! I think it'd look lovely in charcoal.

I know what you mean about blogging about WIPs. Sometimes I feel the same boredom about posting about them, so I try not to very much unless there's something particularly interesting about it to me - in the vain hope that someone else might find it interesting!

2paw said...

Yes, I agree aboput the red and the wonkiness but mine is worse than that!! I too think my WIPs must be boring, but I love seeing what other people are making!! Very brave with the colours in the shawl. I would have been dreading the dark part and looking forward to the lime and turquoise!!!

Rose Red said...

Liesl is a nice wearable cardi for the worsted too (or Feb Lady). Am sure you will find something lovely to use the yarn for!

Your silver laceweight is gorgeous, as is, of course, the red Feb Baby!!

LynS said...

I also am a fan of the Alpaca Silk Georgette - great for baby clothes and some of the colours are lovely - quite subtle. Your silver-grey laceweight is very beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you choose to make with it.

Luni said...

I can tell you why your knitting seems at a complete standstill--there's so much of it! Lots of pretty projects on which to spread your limited time. I'm not a Noro fan, though I do like the sock weight a bit. If I were you, running out of yarn and not liking the next colors, I'd just switch to something else for the rest of the shawl. The other projects--don't change them, just move them up in the queue. And keep those fabulous photos coming, even if the colors are a bit off.

Pamela Lee said...

I'm using the same Silk Garden Lite colourway to knit a Lace Ribbon Scarf -- just in case you do need to look for more, it's colourway # 2014.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how well the turquoise and lime green sections work in with the other colours once they're knitted. I get so many compliments from people about the way the colours look together whenever I get my scarf out to knit in public.

jacqueline said...

Gasp....omg that silver silk lace yarn is to die for!

As far as the worsted weight yarn goes...Put it in your stash and one day the perfect pattern will appear. Personally i've given up stressing over what to do with "i had to have it...but now i'm over it" yarn purchases.

kgirl said...

Assemblage, by Norah Gaughan maybe?

the comfort shawl will look lovely on Noro, can't wait to see that one done.

Good luck with squeezing a bit more knitting time in, too. It seems like this month has flown, so maybe June will go a bit slower?!

Katewillknit said...

The silver laceweight is stunning! I'm sure it will look even better knitted up.