Friday, September 18, 2009


Inching along. That's what it's felt like for the past week or so, plodding away a little at a time at this top.

And then, suddenly, finished.

Project Details:

Elvira, all grown up - Rasmilla designs. I made the third size up.

Yarn: 2 skeins of Wollmeise Twin - Kurbis. One bought from Wollmeise, one bought from a desperate Ravelry plea. There may be enough left over for maybe one more row, but definitely no more.

Modifications: None to speak of. I made a mistake reading the pattern for the neckline, and as a result it's garter not stocking stitch, and I think it's a row short, but it still looks good.

Notes: Not a really quick knit, but an easy one with a great result. The Wollmeise yarn is beautiful to knit with, the resulting fabric is cottony and light, and the colour is gloriously intense. Actually, I probably could have made a size smaller, there's a lot of swing!

And now, to find the right pair of dark indigo linen pants to go with it!


2paw said...

'Seems to me you'd stop and see how beautiful they are', I remember the Inchworm song well and your Elvira is very beautiful!!!

SallyO said...

Love it! I want one.

Jussi said...


and the colour will be great on you.

I have the perfect pants!
I'm tempted to make one myself - don't worry we won't both end up wearing it to the same place!


travellersyarn said...

Wow, it looks amazing, and there is no discerable difference between the skeins. I love it, and you will just need to make the perfect pants.

The Scarlet Tree said...

oh wow, that looks great. Looking forward to seeing it on, looks like it falls beautifully.

kgirl said...

I like the garter stitch, actually!

the colour is magnificent

Ann said...

Gorgeous & I love the neckline! I am imagining you in it with the dark indigo pants - perfect!

DrCris said...

Its beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous. Although I am not sure I would wear this, I am now all inspired to knit it!

Rose Red said...

It's fabulous!

Maria said...

absolutely beautiful!!!!!
Need to go somewhere special with that one

Corrie said...

oh I love elvira and now I want that! love it!getting back into my knitting as I can sit outside and supervise playtime and knit!