Saturday, September 5, 2009

The promise of Spring

Finally, spring emerges, and I feel more alive. We're spending the Father's Day weekend getting the yard ready - backwashing the pool filter, thoroughly cleaning the pool itself, pressure-spraying the buildup of dirt from winter from the pool surrounds, getting the cobwebs and spiders out from under the outdoor furniture (hello redback!), locating and dusting off the market umbrella, making sure there's gas in the barbie.

All this freshness and sunshine is influencing me in other ways too. I'm planning, planning, planning - my knitting projects, the direction of the yarn business, my social calendar, even my clothes are getting a bit of a mental overhaul.

But there's three things on the agenda right now that are vying for attention in one way or another:

1. I'm going to have a knitting pool party. You/re all invited.

2. I'm going to release a shawl pattern for sale on ravelry.

3. I'm going to knit a firm-fabric jacket for the Easter Show next year.

It'll definitely be summer by the time I knock all that off.

Oh, and I totally copied Cindy and made Curtis Stone's sticky drumsticks for dinner the other night. They were good too, especially the ridiculously calorific coconut rice.

And while we're on the subject of Spring Things, let's change the subject. Eveyone who reads here probably reads there too, but I have to make a plug for RoseRed's ambitious Seven Wollmeise in Seven Days cast-on experience. The first three have been fun, I can't wait to see the next four. Get on over there and have a voyeuristic perv at (some of) her wollmeise stash being cast-on one by one.


2paw said...

Not much sign of Spring here, but we need the rain so desperately that I really can't complain. Oooh I can come to your party 'virtually' which means I can wear any bathers I like, in my mind!!!!
Oh how exciting, a new pattern!!
Does firm mean not lace????
Yes, you must have copied because Curtis only gave that secret recipe to me!!!!!!!! It is very delicious and I do like the rice. Today I am making recipe #6 which is prawns. Yum!!!
I'm loving RR's WOW!!!

m1k1 said...

Virtual pool parties are the best! I could even virtually wear the crochet bikini I made when I was 15 (cringe) if only I hadn't thrown it out 40 years ago.

Bells said...

i think a knitting pool party sounds magnificent!

The Scarlet Tree said...

Yes! So springish! I weeded the whole front garden this afternoon, and that was a HUGE task, I tell you. hose drumstick look fantastic!

Rose Red said...

Spring things - cleaning out the wollmeise! That's the link!

I like the sound of each of 1, 2 and 3. All very intriguing!!

Ann said...

Your summe plan sounds good & can't wait to see your new shawl design. Coconut rice is yummy & it's a popular Malaysian dish called Nasi Lemak.

Corrie said...

coconut rice, I have a soft spot for coconut rice!

we are going through a chicken katsu craze at the moment! sooooo good and I make tonkatsu sauce to go with it!

LynS said...

It seems to be the season for Grand Plans! I like all these revelations - I'm looking forward to the lace pattern and the Easter Show project - and the knitting pool party as long as it doesn't have anything to do with swimming!