Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're really going to have some fun!

Thank you to everyone who's bought a slot in knitabulous yarns Indian Summer club. What a wonderful response, I can't wait to get the first package out to you all!

We've just returned from a Grizwald's holiday - just my parents and me and the kids (as husband had to work) - we drove to Ballarat and the up though Daylesford to Bendigo, Echuca and a quick stop at to visit my grandparents in Ardlethan (yup, got two of them still - both pretty spritely for their age and still devoted to each other). Where, I'll note, my daughter commandeered my iphone and 'pinged' Bells, who was very sweet to her, and now she's her favourite!

We had such a wonderful time - I really liked showing the kids where their food really comes from, and I'm sure they really had a lot of fun (and maybe even learned something) on our travels. And, of course, I absolutely love seeing the strength of the relationship between my parents and my children, independent of my relationship with either - it's so beautiful to witness.

The most suprising thing happened on our trip. My mother CAME INTO Bendigo Woollen Mills (as opposed to sitting in the car with a scowl, like she did at Purl's Palace) and - get this - I couldn't get her out of the place. She came away with three huge balls of yarn ('such beautiful colours!') and a list of instructions a mile long on EXACTLY how I had to make her three scarves ('my friend Lynnie will be so jealous when she sees this ming blue one!).

The best thing - one of them was a 16 ply moss stitch scarf. I finished that in the car and at the apartment that very night. And she didn't take it off for the rest of the trip.

Colour me flabbergasted.

ALSO - congratulations to Charmaine of Abu Dhabi Doo on her new baby boy Felix! Charmaine, we're all so happy for you! A few of her good friends who miss her terribly got together and made her the most gorgeous baby blanket. Go over and have a look!


Rose Red said...

heh, if you didn't mention the Grizwalds, it would have sounded like a great trip!!!

Glad you've finally won over your mum with the knitting!!

Bells said...

that's a damn fast scarf. Great result!

Sigh. I long to go to Bendigo.

I want my first yarn club installment!

Ann said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I am visitng Bendigo in December & hope they are not close for Christmas.

claudine said...

Knitting and holidays... what's not to like?

Love that photo that you took of the yarn skeins, Ailsa! Your yarns always look so good that even I can't resist signing up to your yarn club, my first ever club! Can't wait.