Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's in the bag?

I've been working on some details of a knitabulous shawl/sock yarn club.

It's been such fun, researching what kind of things are appreciated in a yarn club package, sketching ideas for shawl patterns on napkins in cafes, talking about whether a laceweight merino or a sport weight merino cashmere blend is better, not to mention sourcing the huge and exciting varieties of amazing things you can get your logo stamped on (that's the best bit!)

I'm nearly there with the details - so far I've got:

I'll open it up for subscriptions on the 10th October,
Parcels going out 1 December, 1 January, and 1 February.
Parcel goodies will include 1 merino sock yarn, 1 fiftyfifty wool silk yarn, and either an exclusive merino laceweight yarn or hopefully a merino cashmere blend,
and lots and lots of really cool goodies (oh man you're going to love the goodies!)
It's going to be inspired by the colours and smells and tastes of India,
and I'm hoping it's going to be a lot of fun for you and me alike.

I've got to work out pricing in more detail, but at this stage it'll be around $85 USD including postage for Australian buyers, $100 USD including postage for overseas buyers - for three packages - including patterns - oh and did I mention the goodies?

I've also been knitting, but I haven't got a picture of any of that.

I can show you a picture of something else though. Randomknits has gone into the sewing business. Not that she wasn't already in the sewing business, with all those fabulous dance costumes she makes, but the kind of sewing business that might interest you.

They're sturdy project bags, lined and nicely padded so they stand up on their own, with a wrist strap for hanging. Very professionally finished in a great range of fabrics - who can have too many project bags? You can find her on etsy here.


chessie said...

Sign me up! Hubby just asked yesterday what I wanted for my birthday.

Nice bag, too.

Kris said...

Are you going to limit the number of participants? How quick do you envision it selling out? (Please tweet when it starts!)

dr k said...

yay for yarn clubs. yay for gorgeous project bags. yay for clever creative people :)

Rose Red said...

So exciting!

Ping said...

Wow. I want to leap up and down, saying 'Pick me! Pick me!', but it looks like I'll have to wait a couple of days for all that.

missfee said...

me me pick me

whingy winey knitter in the back

sue said...

Ooh now that would be a lovely present to myself since I didnt have one for my birthday last month. Have been holding out waiting to see what I can spoil myself with. I love those bags that Donna makes and I am sure she has been selling quite a few too.

2paw said...

I always want to join sock clubs, but the wool wouldn't all be green would it?? And I can't have that can I!! I hope it sells out likety split!!

Bel said...

Sign me up too! I think this looks like the perfect opportunity to join my first yarn club :)

jae said...

I second Kris, tweet when it starts. I don't want to miss out!

Yarna said...

Me too! (Hand waving excitedly in the air!!!)