Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just checking in

My ravelry profile wish came true today for an hour or two. Except for the part about being in the Loire. You can't have everything I s'pose.

Raglan is now as long as the waist. I think I want a long-ish cardigan, and the sun's still shining, so I think I'll just keep going.

Hope you had a good afternoon too.


Bells said...

that looks like a little slice of heaven! I got to knit at a gorgeous restaurant out in the middle of nowhere, with my lovely husband. It was perfect.

missfee said...

what a divine photo

travellersyarn said...

Very jealous of you.

I haven't sat still all day, sorting, and throwing out and packing. Did find my blocking wires though!

Ann said...

That look like the perfect knitting place!

kms said...

oohlala so stylish you look! even me, with the hatred of summer, is looking forward to doing some swimming again! but not while knitting.