Friday, June 4, 2010

And the Winner is..

Thank you guys so much for the great responses - it was genuinely a tough decision because they were all so good. It was a lot of fun reading your responses, comments are always great but the best ones are when you get some insight into the people behind the typeface, don't you think?


25. Tokyo Rose - WINNER! - Charisse from knitting on the chaise lounge - come on down!! *

1. Kamakaze *
2. Sakura * - winner of random number draw - Shelley
3. Daruma Doll *
4. Rising Sun *
5. Memoirs of a Geisha *
6. Geisha's Kiss *
7. Moshi Moshi *
8. Suikajusu *
9. Red Lantern *
10. Red Lacquer - winner of random number draw - betty *
11. Geisha's Pout *
12. Kimchi *
13. Rising Sun *
14. Ichigo *
15. Fuji *
16. Geisha Blush *


17. Berry Gin Sling
18. Umeboshi
19. Beni Shoga
20. Akajiso - winner of random number draw - Audrey
21. Hanami
22. Geisha Lips
23. Hello Kitty
24. Harajuku Girls
25. Summer Sunshine in Japan - winner of random number draw - Rosalia
26. Red Rain
27. Geisha
28. Akai
29. Momoiro
30. Aishiteru
31. Pomegranate Pearls
32. Crimson Queen
33. Red Embers
34. Aka-chouchin
29. Berry Hara-kiri - gang of dishonoured strawberries who 'jam' themselves in the samurai tradition - honourable mention for being hilarious and winner of BONUS random draw - Alrischa!
35. Gochujang
36. Sango-Shoku
37. Johanna
38. Japonica
39. Kurenai
40. Niiro
41. Manga Girl
42. Akashingou
43. Oriental Red
44. Dark kirsche
45. shanghai cerise
46. cinnabar coral
47. Ikura
48. (Blowing)Raspberries in Roppongi

Isn't that a great list!?

I'll be in touch with the winners via email (if you left one in the comment) to get your addresses for the sending of the prizes.

What great fun. I think I'll have to do more of these competition thingies.


Anonymous said...

i knew that was the winner as soon as i saw it! yay for reecie!

Charisse said...

I am so excited! I didn't think I had a chance, there were so many good entries!

Yarna said...

Yes - an absolute winner! And very appropriate. Brilliant - well done.

And my verification word is "ressi"

LynS said...

Love an historical allusion - well done, Reecie; well done Knitabulous!

kgirl said...

ooh, I like it! am off to update my stash details on Rav...

1funkyknitwit said...

I'm amazed by this list it's fabulous, I'm glad I wasn't choosing they'd be no hope :D

Congrats Reecie

Susanne said...

I had a feeling that would be the winning title, well done Charisse!

I'm quite chuffed at making the long/short list too! It was fun. I'm off to update the details in Rav. Looking forward to the final installment of the club too. :-)

Rosalía said...

Congratulations for Charisse,and shelley, betty, Audrey and Alrisha too. All "names" are beautifuls. I think choose the winner was very difficult. I'm very pleased because I love invent names for everything.
See you