Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another gardenia love post

I've been seeing a lot of gardenias on the Australian blogs lately. While the US are celebrating thanksgiving and the onset of colder weather, our summer flowers are bursting all over the place.

Today I cut my first Gardenia for the year.

I love all the white fragrant flowers - big and small - the gardenia, the sandalwood, the jasmine, the chinese star jasmine, the phalaenopsis orchid. I even love the tiny humble honey scented sweet alyssum. As a matter of fact, in my dream courtyard garden - there are only white flowers.

As for the knitting, I'm trying to pin down a model for a cardigan I've just finished, but she's never home!

I did have another model put to work in the house today though - see?

**Does everyone HATE the new flickr format? What a PITA!**


Baa-Me Kniits said...

Oh those scented blossoms :-)

Rose Red said...

I just noticed my gardenia is flowering - I should bring some inside too.

Looky at all that yarn...mmmmm fab colours!

(and yes, new flickr is a pita!)

Bells said...

have decided I simply must plant gardenias. Wonder how they grow in Canberra? And even though I won't be able to smell it, I'll know that somebody can! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

white flowers always smell stunning i reckon, and they look so elegant. i can see why you like them. good to see donna hard at work, and wearing smooshy as well as playing with it. i am not looking at your gorgeous yarns. i am not.

Leeanne said...

Gardenias are just beautiful, I just gave a potted gardenia as a gift to a good friend for her birthday and she loved it.
BTW have you got a finnished photo of the ruffle knitting you were doing at SnB?

Corrie said...

that is so cute...........the pretty little bolero and so beautifully modelled too.

oh I love garrdenias, unfortunately so does keira who now comes to ask permission before she picks flowers.