Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from my little friend

When I showed him to my beloved Tuesday night knitting group, one lady said 'you really do have too much time on your hands, don't you?' To which I replied, kindly, 'I have exactly the same amount of time as you. I just don't watch TV.'

But I have to admit, she's got a point.

Pattern: Jackalope, Antelrabbit or Stagbunny
Designer: Hansi Singh - and most incredibly designed he is too. His little bum and haunches are just meltingly cute!
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
Needles: 2.75mm

And even though he was as fiddly as a very fiddly thing, and I re-knit the front legs three times before I realised I was looking at them upside down, he was a lot of fun to knit.

Have a I might even make another one. I think he needs a mate.


Alrischa said...

He is adorable! Love the weeny antlers. Now what are you going to do with him?

Rose Red said...

I think he most definitely needs a mate! Too too cute!

Emma said...

My goodness, he's so sweet! I can see why hew as fiddly to make, but the results are well worth it!

Laura said...

This guy is so cute and beautifully knitted! Happy holidays!

Lara said...

As a rabbit and hare fancier of long standing, I reckon he's pretty cute too. And I have some of Hansi Singh's patterns, she really is a very clever designer!

Anonymous said...

yes he needs a mate. and little family of jackarettes. youve got nothing else on, right?!

Yarna said...

I have just consigned an Elijah to the naughty corner so am a bit off toys at the moment but he is mega-cute! But perhaps a little lonely?

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I love what we come up with when we don't watch tv :-)

Your reindeer is adorable and very much worth the effort! Now for one with red ears??

Have a lovely christmas break!

1funkyknitwit said...

As you have so much time on your hands, I would agree he needs a mate...hehehe

Super Cute !

Jill L said...

It is not how much time you have, but how you chose to use it! Adorable little guy!