Saturday, December 18, 2010

Super Six

Thanks to the super organiser Jody and Fee, the Personal Sock Club phenomenon has morped into a proper knitalong.

It's simple really - after nominations and voting, six patterns were chosen for the knitalong. Participants are to select six sock yarns from their stash, pack them up in bags and open them one at a time in accord with the pattern schedule.

Simple? You would think so. But do you think I could choose the yarns for my six socks? No way! Half of my sock yarn I couldn't bear to part with (now that was a suprise, I didn't think I was like that), the other half I didn't even like.

In the end I managed it, but I really wish I had a nice yellow sock yarn. One that I can bear to part with that is.

The pattern schedule, and sign-ups are here, there are only six pairs of socks for the year so it's not too demanding. Plus there's a chance to win free yarn..

Knitabulous yarn will be awarding a sock club package for each round of the event. Finished picture on the ravelry group and they will be put in a draw and a winner selected. Each winner will receive a sock club package from knitabulous yarn containing a skein of supertwist merino in a suprise semi-solid and a treat or two.

So if you want to be in the running to receive free yarn, or you want to knit some of the sock yarn you already have, head on over and sign up.


jp said...

The yarns really are lovely.

Speaking of yellow sock yarn. I did manage some great super bright yellow socks from you guessed it Knitabulous Supertwist merino (as you know). The kid loves both the socks and the Bolero in Acid Test.

LynS said...

I agree with Jody - love your yarn choices. However, like you, I had a yearning for yellow socks, so I've included a very bright yellow madtosh in my s62011 sock yarn choices. The colour's called 'Chamomile' - are chamomile flowers bright yellow?

Knitabulous yarns has been super generous in giving prizes for this KAL. I've included two Knitabulous yarns in my choices, so the thought of replacing one of them if I'm super lucky is very pleasing.

Alrischa said...

I signed up the other day, and now I'm trying to finish up a few current projects before the end of the year. Even bought new needles to start my Red Shur'tugals :)

There are well over 100 people in this sock club, now; it's gonna be fun :D

1funkyknitwit said...

Nice choice Ailsa ! ...I've signed up for the 'lite' version however you are tempting me to completing the year out ;-)

Katewillknit said...

What an incentive to sign up. I might have to go 'light' though. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I don't think I have 6 skeins of sock yarn in my stash (though it might be worth a double check).