Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have the best family and the greatest friends, the past month has proven that to me over and over again. The past six months have been so great, today I have been thinking about how thankful I am for the people around me.

Not only that - but I've received some great presents too - let me show you some of the wonderful things that have been showered upon my lately - and these are just the tangibles! The edibles got ate I'm afraid.

A chair for my bedroom.

My favourite perfume. And a charm bracelet.

Some really good new knitting books.

Interchangeables! (I never got round to getting any) and a perfectly chosen and sewn case to keep them tidy.

Cult yarn.

Somewhere to sit by the pool in the shade and knit with friends.

Masses of hydrangeas.

And so for Christmas, all I want is good weather, no arguments, and a moist turkey.


Rose Red said...

what great gifts! Where do I start...I LOVE the chair! And the poolside arrangement - fabulous! Hope you are sitting out there right now!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful gifts, I LOVE the purple chair soo much, I want one too and have just the place, can I come and sit by the pool and knit to
Cheers, Lyn

Chery said...

I love your chair. Looks comfy and just right size for a knitter!

1funkyknitwit said...

Giggling over the.. " good weather, no arguments, and a moist turkey "

~ good luck ! for the rest, you lucky duck !

Oh, and i too love the chair :D

MadMad said...

Those ARE great gifts. I am so envious of your poolside thingy/knitting nook though. That is WAY cool. Enjoy it!

Yarna said...

Lovely, lovely gifts and well deserved. Aren't we lucky people?

Ann said...

You are so lucky & I am so envious. Enjoy!

Anni said...

Love the chair, the pool area and the interchangeable needle case. Where is it from?

Corrie said...

you have done very well! I would be more than happy to receive all those lovely things!