Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Annual Performance Review - aka 'the Talk' 2KCBWDAY2

Do you work somewhere where every year you have to have 'the talk'? You know the one where you sit down with your senior officer, neither of you want to be there, you bang on about the strengths and challenges you have faced in your career in the past 12 months and then the senior officer feigns an interest in your future, everyone signs the paperwork and you get a paltry pay increase?

What would it be like if, instead of 'the talk' being about your work performance, it was about your knitting performance. Of course it'd have to be conducted by the Knitting Police, wouldn't it?

KNITTING POLICE: So, knitabulous, tell us about your most recent twelve months of knitting experience, which areas do you think you have developed the most?

KNITABULOUS: Thanks for asking officers.
I'd have to look to the areas of original design, in particular these two projects:
The Mariska Cardigan

I love the puffed sleeves, and the tiny waist in this cardigan. I think it suits my niece so well, and she seems to think so too! At least that's what she says to me anyway, and I appreciate that.

And the Muji Inspired Tunic

I am so pleased with how both of these projects turned out, especially the tunic (because it's for me). I can't wait to get some photos of me wearing it as the winter sets in.

Also, I'm so glad I overcame my reluctance to knit 'whimsy'. I sometimes take my knitting projects too seriously. So even though this is a toy, it's a very serious knitting pattern - the shaping, the short rows, the multiple grafting, the tiny icord - everything about this pattern is perfectly detailed and requires precision finishing skills.

But above all, he's just adorable.

KNITTING POLICE: OK, so enough about your achievements. Tell us about your aspirations over the next year.

KNITABULOUS: Well, I would like one day to have your job, but in the meantime I'd like to make

a bottom up set in sleeve in the round cardigan, I've been blown away by this gorgeous thing which is now finished made by my friend Zena (in my very own knitabulous fiftyfifty yarn no less!).

a dress (this has been on my to do list for years. Hopefully this year I'll do it)

And I'd really like to get to the bottom of my 'how do you change colour in a pinwheel crochet hexagon spoke' dilemma. Is it more common to turn the work instead of working in the round, or would you pass the coloured yarn back and crochet over it to hide it in each round? I've searched ravelry, but the only examples I can find are in a language I don't understand. It's becoming my 2011 knitting quest.

KNITTING POLICE: So that's all you got? Hmm. Let's go to the pub for lunch and call this a wrap on 2KCBWDAY2.

KNITABULOUS: I thought you'd never ask.


Tink said...

I love your original designs! That pink cardi is so cute.

Siri said...

That tunic is so casual yet very chic.

The language you don't understand is Norwegian. Run it through translate.google.com and it translates into almost perfect English. (I say almost because for example when it says "take along a ring" it should say something along the lines of "form a ring"). Hope you can work it out!

Ruth said...

Your designs are wonderful! And it would be great to outsource all the pattern writing, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

I love your designs they are really cute. Especially the little jackolope he is to cute.

agirlinwinter said...

Heheheh, great post. The pink cardi is beautiful, you're very talented.

Kasia said...

Oh, this little deer is so cute!

Misty said...

I think having a little whimsy in your knitting is a great thing! Congrats on completing some very cool designs!

For the crochet, I think you just crochet over the color not in use. Try this link to an explanation of tapestry crochet: http://iweb.tntech.edu/cventura/rightstitches.html

Best of luck!

Pirate said...

What an adorable little jackalope!

Vivianne said...

That Mariska cardigan is lovely :-)

Voie de Vie said...

Wonderfully witty. Love, love, love the jackalope.

I've yet to have lunch included in any of these "talks."

DrK said...

I am wondering how much you paid those cops o get off so easy. And I didn't miss that bit about your knitting career aspirations either... special agent knitabulous, inspector of RAS judging standards. You have had a great year on the design your own front. Can't wait to see you wearing something of your own either.

Deneen said...

What gorgeous finished items. Yes, you hit the nail on the head with my "lost mojo" issues. Sad, but true. It happened with cold process soap 2-3 years ago and now this. It's to the point, I haven't bought yarn in a year.

Ann said...

Sounds like you will be having a great year judging from your excellent performance in your previous year !

Andi said...

Fantastic tunic! Now that little dear is lovely, perfect knitting. :)

katiemckinna said...

I like the original and unique way you did your post.

kgirl said...

oh gawd, I wish I lived in that world of performance evaluation - it sounds ever so...fucking perfect!

beautiful knits, as always :)

Mary Lewis said...

I absolutely love the Muji style tunic. Do you sell a pattern for this? It is awesome!