Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something you might like

All those accessories I knit in March are coming together now, at the end of April.

I guess they took a little longer than I expected, plus I am working on a Very Big Thing, which I don't want to share yet in case it turns out ugly. And judging by it's progress, that's distinctly likely.

I'm not one for knitting hero worship, but Jared Flood, that guy really knows what he's doing doesn't he? I made a pair of Grove Mittens from ONE skein of Shelter, in he Hayloft Colourway.

Have a look. And then let me tell you something.

See that hand pattern? Not a cable in the whole thing. Amazing huh?

The other thing I finished is a big neck wrap - using a bubble stitch pattern and a wide repeat, and two skeins of my own Sportweight Merino (which I found to be very lofty and squishy, easily adaptable to different gauges, and satisfyingly wooly without being scratchy).

It has a lot of buttons and buttonholes, so you can wear it a lot of ways. I'm actually wearing it now in fact. I'll probably write it up as a pattern one day, and sell it as a kit on the yarn site - it does showcase the beautiful yarn really well and the stitch pattern is quick, fun and satisfying.

I took a LOT of pictures of the knitting at the Royal Easter Show on Monday, but my web connection is so unstable I can't get any more than three at a time loaded on flickr, so you'll have to wait a little longer for that ..

Easter time also means something else round these parts - the Annual Knitting Retreat! Only two more sleeps .. and I simply Can. Not. Wait.


DrK said...

Oh just a few little things you whipped up earlier then?! Both gorgeous, great use of the shelter, and no cables, seriously? He is good isn't he? Love the buttons on your neck thingy.

Rose Red said...

Yes, exactly what Kylie said!

Am looking forward to seeing the Big Project. Am sure it will not be ugly!

Vivianne said...

A knitting retreat ? what a fabulous idea :-)

Ness said...

Both are beautiful! That Jared Flood is a wonder, eh? :)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Ooooh loverly.....I can't believe no cables, they look awesome, fingerless would win me over might have to look at that pattern I love his stuff. How did you find the shelter? I've heard mixed reports.

Love your neck wrap...yes yes do a pattern :-)

Enjoy the retreat it sounds blissful!

Ann said...

Gorgeous & I love the neck wrap. Looks so cozy & warm.

1funkyknitwit said...

Those mitts are just gorgeous Ailsa and the colour is to die for, having seen them I'm in love with them :D

Your wrap also looks wonderfula nd a very pretty grey/blue.

Leeanne said...

Your wrap is looking really nice though my fav is your mittens, they look really warm and I think it will be a cold winter this year.

Sarah said...

OOOOh - that's gorgeous!