Monday, May 30, 2011

Totally new me

On Sunday morning, I was up and showered and running in a fun run at 9am.

Seriously. And it was beautiful out there.

This is the second fun run I've done this month, but I've been training a bit too.

I was about seven minutes faster the second time. But afterwards I really thought I could have done better.

I wish today wasn't a rest day, even though my shins were sore yesterday.

I've been researching running technique, and apparently I'm doing it wrong. Delighted to discover there's a whole world of overthinking to be done in regards to jogging technique, from footwear selection to whether stretching the calves is necessary or not.

Running doesn't make one look particularly attractive, but it does make you feel AMAZING.

Still, I have managed to find time to do some more 'research' for another project.

There'll be knitting next time, I promise.


Kris said...

YOU ARE AWESOME. A 7 minute PB (personal best) is a crazy good improvement!

Rest days are very important. They make you stronger! So don't push too much and stick to your plan; Jeff won't steer you wrong. (He says NO STRETCHING though, which a lot of people think is crazy. I can see the point. I've hurt myself way more stretching badly than I have running.)

And yeah, running technique is a huge ocean of conflicting information. I did feel better once I stopped landing on my heels like a ton of bricks though.

DrK said...

Well done, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and feeling good. Gorgeous photos, as usual.

Melissa said...

Well done! And that food, amazing.

Anonymous said...

by the way, it might feel like a new you but its not really. its the you youve always been, just doing something different. i wouldnt want a whole new you, friend wise :)

1funkyknitwit said...

very cool and YUM to the food ;D