Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where have all the flowers gone?

The warm snap has been followed by a very cold snap, and the absence of furniture in the house it making is brrr! indeed. I wish I had my yarn stash to play in, but alas it's packed up until Tuesday at the earliest. Bah.

Instead I've been crocheting when I can, although I've struggled to find the motivation to do anything yarny for a while now. I hope it comes back .. What am I going to do with my time otherwise?

Anyway, the crochet scarf is finished, bar a bit of end weaving, my signature finishing technique - loose ends.

Project Specifications

Ravelry Project Link

I used the motif as described here.

The yarn is from a kit from Sackville and Lane (they used to have a website, now I can't find it) for a babette's blanket style alternative, which I did not like much. Kindly bought for me by Donna at Bendigo Sheep and Wool earlier this year.

It's 3 hexes wide and 21 long, plus two end fillers making a total of 65 african flower motifs. It's about 15cm wide and 145cm long.

I had fantasies whilst making these hexes of a chevron blanket, a la US missoni from target,

or these gorgeous stars a la some free pattern website.

You could probably spend a lifetime putting perle cottons together and turning it into soft and drapey fabrics. It's a fun way to play with colour, that's for sure.


Janette said...

This is just gorgeous!

Rose Red said...

It really is a gorgeous scarf, the colours are divine.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Even if it is The Craft That Cannot Be Named, I love it! I'm sure you will get your mojo back, maybe once you've unpacked your stash. And have somewhere to sit.

gemma said...

That's a lovely piece of work. Thanks for the link to the stars, they look like fun too.
good luck with the move Ailsa.

1funkyknitwit said...

just - LOVE !!! :D