Monday, January 9, 2012

Rest and Repeat

I love camping so much. For a family that spends most of it's time plugged into something electronic, I think we do okay in the great outdoors.

Christmas Day


The wildlife and the scenery were outstanding this year - so wonderful to be able to witness these things in real life.

sun came out

I love you too

When the boys and kids pitched the tents, the day before I arrived (like blisters I arrived after the work was finished), they had to wait for a slow old echidna to get out of the way.

Scared mum to death

On one of our walks, we saw a massive sea eagle swooping dramatically overhead with TWO huge fish dangling from it's talons - must have had a family to feed somewhere.

long and winding road

The sea was teeming with whiting, toadfish and sea urchins. The birdlife was diverse and noisy, and mosquitos fierce like fire ants!

rock hopping

I like to hope the kids will remember these things as they grow older and the real world gets more complicated and intense for them.


There were hours of beachcombing, the discovery of ochres in bright colours for face painting, exploring the rocks, kayaking (did I tell you I finally got a KAYAK!! for Christmas?), fishing, boating and feasting from both the fire and the local cafes.

A side trip to Bermagui convinced me that if I could choose anywhere on earth to live, I'd choose the far south coast, with a little bolthole in Surry Hills!


Happy New Year Everyone.

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Anonymous said...

i spent many summers as a kid on the far south coast and the memories have never left, one of my favourite places on earth, and my idea of retirement heaven as well. so glad you had a good time, and are home mostly in one piece! and a kayak! i look forward to hearing about those adventures.