Saturday, May 19, 2012

12 Week Body Transformation Wrap Up

I signed up, I stuck to the program as best I could. I trained, cooked, ate and trained some more.

And indeed a transformation did happen, but it wasn't just on the outside. I think I was transformed on the inside too.

There are things I used to eat that I can honestly say I choose never to eat again. I believe that fast food is not food at all. I cannot believe how strong my body is, and I get a lot of pleasure out of pushing it as far as I can. I can, in fact,  live without sugar. I do not need to have a treat every time I have a coffee. I can even go for long periods without wine! And I feel a decade younger.

Here I am the day before the program started, at my first South Coast 12 WBT group workout meeting.
before 12 wbt And here I am last Sunday just before I headed out for a run.
after 12 wbt
I cannot wait for round 2 of the program to start - my goals are slightly different this time around. I still want to lose some more weight but I really want some muscles in my arms and dare I say it, my abs.

Speaking of transformations, I'm not the only one who's changing before my eyes.

Blair went to a dance party tonight in her new lairy pants.
blair lairy pants
What else?

I've been knitting.
Clapotis DSC_0029
And I bought something from Byron Bay.

I've been led to believe the Development Consent for our renovation is only weeks away ... It's going to be all happening around here when that event occurs. I might even pop a bottle of champagne!


Ingrid said...

Wow - well done. Quite inspirational

Sue said...

Wow you look fantastic!

Janette said...

Amazing transformation - congratulations!

You do look wonderful!

Ann said...

You look fantastic. Healthy eating makes a lot of difference as I also went through the stage of changing of entire diet. Love the look of that blanket(?)/shawl(?)

Katriona Robertson said...

You look fabulous! but it's much better that you feel loads better too!

Ness said...

You look incredible! And super happy! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Look at you, the amazing shrinking woman! Body transformation indeed. So glad you've got your knitting mojo back too, Yay!

Leeanne Aquilina said...

Wow you must feel soo proud of yourself, very inspirational.

PS. Blairs pants are crazy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a job well done! It's hard too lose weight I know I need to get motivated to lose a good 20 kgs. The body transformation is wonderful but it's how you feel about yourself that is the main thing. So well done and Blairs pants are really way out!:)