Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Nothing finished for months, and then 3 things done in November! I'm just finishing stuff all over the place.

billabong 4

I got an email (I bet you did too) from Janette's Rare Yarns offering some long discontinued bags of Rowan Calmer at a bargain price. I was so excited to see they had preen in stock, because usually it's the orange which I probably wouldn't wear. Anyhow, I grabbed a bagful.

As usual, it arrived from the UK quite quickly. Not as quickly as it has in the past, but still pretty quick. I wanted to use it straight away, so I cast on for another manu.

billabong 5

It became apparent that the manu was not to be, so it morphed into a bottom up raglan cardigan. Then I added two panels in the front like this beautiful  augmented Summer Solstice, but that didn't look right either.

billabong 6

I ripped it back and added a panel in the front to make it an a line pullover. The neckline looked so nice with the points coming together that I decided to add a hood, also radiating out from the centre of the neckline.

billabong 3

This was knit entirely without pattern, but I incorporated all my favourites - i-cord edging, bottom up raglan shaping, waist shaping, 3/4 sleeves (I'm always slopping long sleeves in the sink or catching them on doorknobs). I did a hood for the first time.

billabong 7

And because the central panel was an afterthought, I knitted it separately and carefully seamed on so as to be invisible in the joins. I tried several other methods of making the centre triangle, but in the end it worked better to just knit a triangle and matress stitch it on.

billabong 8

I'm pretty pleased with it, what do you think?

Project Notes:
Pattern: None
Ravelry Project Page: Billabong
(sadly discontinued, specials still available at Janette's Rare Yarns)
Colourway: Slosh


Leeanne Johnson Aquilina said...

I LOVE your top, I'd totally wear that. Your soo clever to be able to make changes to suit your needs. Great colour choice too.

Ann said...

Looks great and you did a fantastic job with all those changes.

Sheridan said...

I think its bloody brilliant. Great job, great colour.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, so comfortable and stylish. I still have 2 bags of Calmer I got from Janette's which is patiently waiting for me to knit!