Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunset Boulevarde

Hey groovers - I finished another thing!

colour beams 4

A while ago I said that I thought I'd never again knit another triangular shawl. I felt over them, and whenever I wear one, I feel a bit weird.

However, I didn't say I wouldn't crochet another one one, did I?

colour beams 1

This took a long time to finish because I stopped working on it. In actual crochet time, it was a bit of a snap really.

Pattern: Rayon De Couleurs 
Designer: Eclat duSoleil *(great name huh?)
My Ravelry Project Page: Colour Beams
Pattern Notes: I didn't do anything except follow the pattern until my yarn ran out. It took a full ball of the fuschia mix, and about 3/4 of the purple mix.

colour beams 3
Really fun and addictive kind of project, and the alternating row that tricks the eye into thinking it's striped is GENIUS.

And now, as soon as I type this, I begin my Christmas cooking. Being one of the few people I know who has actual culinary responsibilities this time of year, I'm looking forward to a menu of glazed ham, turducken (the ALDI equivalent anyway), roast pork, all manner of salads, quinoia fritters, black forest ripple cake (my experiment) and a wonderful cocktail I got from the delicious delicious magazine, the negroni sparkler - described as a christmas cocktail for the cynical. 

Bring it Santa!
colour beams 2


Donna (Random Knits) said...

Must be the season, I cast on a triangular shawl this week, my first shawl in three years. Not that I ever wear them, either!

Rose Red said...

That looks great. Crochet rocks!

Ann said...

Looks great. I have never crochet a shawl before and love the way the stitch looks.

Ingrid said...

It looks gorgeous. Merry Christmas!

LynS said...

I'm overwhelmed. First by your crochet shawl, which actually manages to make crochet look elegant, but even more so by your Christmas cooking program. Wow. Best Christmas wishes