Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And so it continued by day and by night

We didn't have room for a tree, so we improvised.

it's kind of a christmas tree

There was lots of wonderful food.

duck with pineapple

And the usual cougar activities. This year we toasted schoolies 1985 with a west coast cooler.Yech!

westcoast represent

And then I got them all ready to leave me for 14 days.

ready to go

On New Year's Day I woke up without any trace of hangover, and did my first mini triathlon runthrough with my sister. We jogged to Sandon Point Surf Club, swam round the bouys, jogged back to her house, got on the bikes, rode to Towradgi and back, then ran up over the hill to Thirroul beach and back again where I practically died.

My husband insisted on going to IKEA after that, so we schlepped it up there in the heat of the afternoon and stayed there until 9 o clock at night! I really hate IKEA generally, but husband loves it. Anyway, we got some stuff done and I'm hoping not to have to go back there anytime soon.

2012 was pretty huge for me - the renovations came into full swing, I enrolled in a distance education course but failed to even start it (I am so ashamed of myself), my son sufferred a severely broken leg and won't be able to walk for 4 months, my daughter finished primary school and so a whole new chapter of her life begins in 2013. I worried about parenting and my children's wellbeing more in 2012 than I have since they're birth. I also learned that worry alone achieves nothing.

I exercised so much I hardly knitted anything. From my family, I recieved absolutely nothing for my birthday, not even a card - and I didn't think I cared about that but I did. I was hurt by people and it took me completely by suprise - I thought I was immune to emotion. I made mistakes. I grew. I shrunk!

And 2012 is now gone, and in 2013 I will be closer to 50 than I am to 40.  Maybe I'll do that course, I'm definitely going to achieve some fitness goals (even though I think/thought people with fitness goals are wankers). I'd like to travel more in 2013 with my family, and I really need to get proper glasses so I can knit on the couch at night. I'd love to get those dyepots out again, maybe even a new name for the yarn business. Whatever it brings, I think I'm ready.


Donna said...

That's a great pic of you! The kids will be back before you know it, enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. The older they get, the harder they get to parent, and the more you worry.

Rose Red said...

Oh dear, and I thought parenting a toddler was a huge learning experience! Lots of look forward to then (heh!). Hope you have a great 2013 and achieve your goals!

blueadt said...

I'm with you on lots of exercise means less knitting but am no where near a triathlon.

Happy New Year :-)

DrK said...

hehe, you three cougars. glad you had a lovely day! it blows my mind how fast your kids are growing up...i remember when....! and yes, 2012 was nothing if not a 'lesson teacher'. i think we've all had enough of that now dont you? lets hope 2013 is less stressful all round.

Anonymous said...

Looking v glamorous in the photo. I might be a sentimentalist, but I hope that you don't change the name of the business.

Happy new year!

Ruby Girl said...

Enjoy your time while they are away, they will be enjoying themselves so you may as well too. And heres to a very good 2013 for everyone. We all deserve it.

Leeanne Johnson Aquilina said...

I'm pretty sure I saw your son in the crowd at the Jamboree cause I remembering how annoying it would be on crutches trying to keep up. But he was and had a smile on his dial.
Sorry about your family.. that's why there is a saying you can choose your friends not your family. I hope you spoilt yourself instead.
I love hearing about your excercise challenges you give yourself.
See you at the next SnB maybe?

Cathie said...

Wow, that's a lot of exercise. I'd like to do more than walk, I realize, reading your blog. Sorry about your son's leg.

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Wondering in Alaska said...

You hate IKEA ? Hate is a strong word

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