Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In memory of magknits*

My favourite fabric.

My favourite colour.

A pair of socks.

Well, two socks anyway:

Sock 1: Snicket Sock

Pattern: Snicket Socks (formerly on Magknits, now only to be found via the wayback machine with no pictures or somewhere on ravelry if they've loaded that pattern up there yet)

Yarn: Bearfoot luxury sock yarn from Yarns Online (she's discontinued the line), originally white but handdyed by me.

Comments: I love everything about this sock except how massive it makes my foot look. So, vanity vetoed a second snicket sock.

Instead, I made

Sock 2: Leyburn Sock

Pattern: Leyburn sock (rav link) (blog link). Spied on the blog of one of my favourite people, Meg. I hope she doesn't mind the rip-off.

I knit this sock on a slightly smaller needle, so it's a bit snugger. Tres fantastique.

I completely don't care if they're not identical twins, or sisters even. Because, mostly, they're going to be paired with these.

And since they look so ugly and loony anyway, mismatched socks kind of sets them off perfectly.

(* The only thing worth lamenting in the whole sordid story. And even then, only a little. )


Michelle said...


Ruby Girl said...

Welcome to sock knitting. Well Done! Have you gone crazy yet from going around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around....well that has made me crazy just typing it. See knitting socks isn't so bad. When are you starting your second pair??????

Ann said...

The socks look great & the 2 patterns do look quite similar. One of my daughters wear mismatched socks all the time.

A-M said...

Oh, I am so jealous of your real Friday night drinks in your street. I used to live in a street like that. They are all still my bestest friends 10 years later. I'm sure it was all the Friday night drinks! Enjoy!