Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cloud Bolero

Sometimes you've got to have a rest from the hard fun*, and do some easy fun.

Cloud Bolero

Pattern: Cloud Bolero by Ysolda Teagu
Source: Free from yarn forward magazine site

Yarn: Cleckheaton Merino Supreme in pink.

Size: Small (for my daughter)

Pattern Notes:

I noticed on ravelry people were struggling with round 20 - some say there's a mistake. I just did what Ysolda told me to do and the stitch count came out perfectly. So if there is a mistake on those projects on ravelry it isn't Ysolda who made it (in the small size anyway). But it is a bit tricky.

Beautiful yarn too, shame it's been discontinued.

Also, I used a little sheep button I got from my lys because Blair liked it, but the satin ribbon used in the pattern looks better. If I can convince her to let the sheep go, I'll be replacing it with chocolate satin ribbon. Yum.

I'm waiting on yarn to arrive so I can get on with the rest of the Cable Luxe Tunic. It might be a few weeks before it gets ordered, and a few weeks for delivery after that (I got a great price tho). I want to have it finished before Bendigo, where I intend to wear it to the ACS breakfast. (Getting VERY EXCITED now!)

I'm considering yarn choice for Morrigan, which is going to be knit in tandem with the cabled tunic.

I have started a neibling - in colourmart cashmere silk, 2/60nm - apple green. That's right - NOT PINK! It's a very difficult but addictive knit - 2mm needles, gossamer weight and about a thousand travelling 2 stitch cables as well as the yarnovers to contend with - not to mention a sprinkling of slip 6, knit6 tog, pass 6 sso - I shit you not. It's my idea of fun!


Ruby Girl said...

The bolero is lovely, a very pretty pink and frilly looking.

Jussi said...

mmm - I love pink and chocolate together - maybe bribery??

very sweet, and I totally agree with what you are saying about actually FOLLOWING the pattern, it infuriates me how people will blame the pattern, when it is them not reading it correctly - some techniques are difficult to communicate and need careful reading.

Brena said...

A brown ribbon would look wonderful! I plan on making the Cloud Bolero one day so thanks for the heads up. Although I won't be making the small size. ;) I might be making it pink with chocolate ribbon though!

Charmaine said...

I've been thinking about making one of these for me but was wondering which yarn to use. I just so happen to have four balls of Merino Supreme in bright red although I'm not sure if that would be the right colour for this. Yours looks great. I bet it looks adorable on Blair!

2paw said...

The bolereo is very cute, nice and pink and pretty!! Oh the Niebling lace, I googled images!! is so beautiful. Now I'm sad I gave all my Anna magazines away :-( Green is nice though!!