Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yesterday and today have been charmed.

On my way home from Sydney yesterday I was pulled into an RBT bay WHILE I WAS TALKING ON THE MOBILE AND NOT IN A LEGAL HANDSFREE WAY. I threw the phone down onto the floor as I pulled over muttering 'police' (much to the amusement of my sister on the other end) and awaited my ticket.

The kind policeman (now that's usually an oxymoron!) said to me 'lucky I didn't see that', and proceeded to breathalyse me. I hadn't been drinking. I was amazed.

Today, as I was driving home from the gym, I ran a very amber light out of sheer impatience. My bad. I looked into the rear-vision mirror as I pulled away, and there right behind me, obediently stopped at the RED light, was a police car. I waited for it to chase me. It didn't. I was amazed.

THEN, I drove into an almost full carpark around noon today, just as the carpark attendant was starting her shift. She waved me over to a miraculous empty space - on the ground floor - mere steps from the road and my destination. No six flights of stairs for this mobile phone talking, red light running little black duck. I was amazed.

I ought to buy myself a lottery ticket, I thought.

Finally, when I arrived home after school and before kid gymnastics and kid rugby league training, I spied a parcel on the doorstep.

Well, I did order it, so I did know it was coming. But that doesn't mean I wasn't excited as all get-out when I unwrapped the carefully wrapped, two-part kit full of tiny cards, chocolate, a feather and a shell and a little ladybug ornamentally attached to the skein, the yarn and the incredible spina de pesce sock pattern. As an insert comes a laminated card with the main chart on it - what a thoughtful idea. All this for around $44 - from the Netherlands in 13 days, I consider it a bit of a bargain really.

The actual colour is so ultramarine. No unlike the colour of the veins on those little neon fish in tropical fish tanks. Very pesce indeed.

What's the use of having an expensive digital SLR camera if it won't capture colour properly? Talk about annoying - another thing I have to go and learn about. I should have just forked out the dosh for a full copy of photoshop instead.


M-H said...

Wow! Get that lottery ticket, I say. If you win you can shout all your regular commenters a skein like yours.

amanda j said...

Holy crow. What a lucky couple of days. You've gotta do something to take advantage of that!

What a lovely package.

Rose Red said...

You are charmed indeed! Good luck comes in threes, hey. Or fours, in your case. Look at that yarn! Amazing!

2paw said...

OK, the gods are smiling on you. It must be Kartma, all your good deeds are catching up with you!!!