Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things to knit while you wait for your knitting to start

There are only three other serious wip's around here right now; the spina di pesce, the gloxiniaflora and the cable luxe tunic.

The rest is all fluff. Look;


I have Morrigan in my sights. I want to knit it properly. This post really freaked me out. I want to be careful to choose the right yarn. The pattern is written for Rowan Calmer, so when Donna gave me a few balls of the prescribed yarn to swatch, I wanted to really get a feel for the yarn, and an idea of how my gauge works out using it.

So I knit Shedir. Unfortunately, even though the pattern said 'Shedir' all over it, I was sure I was knitting Odessa, until Jill saw it and said 'did you knit Shedir?'. Still, I'm happy with it, for my first hat ever.

Project Specifications:

Shedir from Knitty (scroll past the booby scarf). Apropriate for Breast Cancer Awareness month too I guess.

Yarn: Rowan Calmer in some dusty pink discontinued shade.
Needle size: Somewhat smaller than called for. Apparently I'm loose.
Modifications: None

The hat, knit as prescribed without mistakes (I made at least one), is HUGE. I have a big head, but this hat is massive. I could easily have omitted at least on of the initial cable repeats.

But the yarn, wow is it ever soft and comfortable. Have you ever had a pair of jeans that grew so soft and comfortable that you just loved wearing them? That's exactly what this hat feels like, soft as chamoix. Nice.

So, I think I have decided to make the Morrigan in Rowan Calmer. Now just to find the right colour at the right price.

Morrigan - on hold for the moment. Thing to knit whilst waiting = Shedir.

I went to Sew and Tell in Berry with Donna last Friday. We met up with a certain sporadic and intermittent emailing friend who moved there last winter. In Sew and Tell I saw the most beautiful hat, knitted as a sample for the shop. I had to have one exactly the same, so I asked what it was made from, and just bought the yarn. It is Louisa Harding Impressions, in the pink/red colourway.

Well look at that. A Novelty Yarn. An Evil Acryilic Blend. 84% Nylon, 16% Mohair. Sounds disgusting, doesn't look too crash hot in the ball either.

You live. You learn. Check it out.

It's beautiful. Who'd have known huh?

Finally, I'm waiting on a shipment of yarn for my Cable Luxe Tunic - I got a good price so it's worth the wait. I'm waiting on a shipment of laceweight silk for another project. I'm dabbling with dyeing. I'm stockpiling Lang Silk Dream.

Put 'em together and what do you get? A dirty queue jumping jumper, that's what! Sahara somehow managed to get herself cast on and I'm already up to the waist!


Rose Red said...

and you left me behind!! Oh well, I'll have to knit Sahara by myself!! Love your Shedir too, will be making one of those in the near future for a gift, good to know it's big!

Jussi said...

hmmmm - now I know what to do with my "impressions" in the beigey gold colourway!

Charmaine said...

Loving the hats! I'm planning to go somewhere cold soon, just so I can wear a hat!