Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And now I know how Joan of Arc felt

On Sunday it seemed to be raining, hailing and sun shining all at the one time at my place up on the side of the mountain. I looked over the rooftops to the sea, and look at what greeted me. Two rainbows!

BTW - Blog post title inspired by quilting Mick, whose own post reminded me of just how much I used to love music.

I've got a few finished items to share:

I managed to get two socks completed, a rare event indeed.

Yarn: I dyed the self striping yarn myself at the knitting retreat - I love the results too. It's plain old Patonyle, jazzed up by gaywool dyes pumpkin and crabapple.

Two balls, each making a knee high sock.

Pattern: Fleegle's toe up sock recipe, 4x2 rib on the leg.

Everyone was so excited about Pear Tree Yarns at the Bendigo show. Their display is gorgeous and the yarn is so soft and colours so delicious, I couldn't resist a few skeins of the 12 ply. On my way home I panicked that I hadn't bought enough, for what I don't know, but I texted Donna and asked her to pick me up another skein, just in case.

I decided to crochet a blanket, a quick squizz of ravelry (oh my heart loves ravelry) revealed this blanket, and the pattern was the right price, so I immediately began making squares.

Holy smoke how fecking quick is it to crochet squares in 12 ply yarn? One week later I had this:

It was supplemented with a ball of cream Lion Brand organic cotton from spotlight, reduced to 4/99 a ball last week.

I bought a kit for a little dolly in Purl's Palace in Daylesford (what a shop - swoon) and although I am by no means a sewer, this thing is only a couple of seams. Don't look too closely, it's a bit of a mess. Blair likes it, and puts it to bed every night in her new doll house.

So now I'm kind of in project limbo. I've almost finished a hat in the interim, but right now I'm a bit blah about what to start next.

I think it's high time for some lace. But which lace? I just don't know..


Calypso said...

This is too spooky, I am listening to The Smiths at the moment. Sadly, not the Queen is Dead, that would be too much of a coincidence.

I like the socks. I wish I had the patience to knit.

Michelle said...

You know crochet content always makes me swoon. The blanket is lovely!

As the flames rose to her roman nose ....

And you got a Sew Your Own doll kit! Whee! Angela is the creator of the "This is..." meme every Sunday.

Rose Red said...

Squeeeeeeeee! Look at the stripey socks - love these!

Katewillknit said...

I am sooo grateful to my husband for introducing me to the Smiths!

What a yummy crochet blanket. It looks so squooshy! And so quick!

Meg said...

Yeah, yeah, nice knitting, crocheting & sewing - but I am in love LOVE with your dog.

Leeanne said...

Your blanket turned out lovely and I bet your socks are really warm.

Jo said...

love the blanket!!!

Drewzel said...

Can't remember how I got here, but hooray for Smiths lyrics as post titles, and I'm off to make that crochet blanket! ooh!!

Ann said...

Lovely socks & nice colors. It must have taken quite a lot of knitting as they are knee high but you did a great job!