Thursday, August 7, 2008

Limbering up for the Ravelympics

Ever since I first saw this pattern in Handknit Holiday's I've coveted a bag like this.

I've started it several times, and several times it's been quite the disaster.

But not this time. This time it's been a triumph.

Pattern: Counterpane Carpet Bag (ravlink) from Handknit Holidays
Yarn: 2 balls of Silk Garden from Purl's Palace
Modifications: I just knit for one ball per side. Four repeats in total.

Notes: Lined in chartreuse wool felt, wooden handles from hobbysew. Instead of handstitching I machine stitched the lining with invisible thread. The sewing is apalling, but the bag is gorgeous.

Tomorrow I'm going to post something that I need a little help with. I've finished a little baby knit, but I don't know if it's fabulous or hideous.

Will you help me decide?



Rose Red said...

I love it!! I've had it in my queue for ages too - good idea to make it shorter, I think that's more practical.

The Scarlet Tree said...

nice! I for one, will offer complete and brutal honesty :)

2paw said...

Your bag is gorgeous. I have seen the clutch but I love the colours you have used. It makes me want one too!!!

Michelle said...

that's a very pretty bag!!! too bad i cant sew!! haha.

Ann said...

The bag is gorgeous & I love the colors! This is definitely a winner.

suzanne said...

Congartulations - it is indeed a triumph! Wonderful colours. I am taking heart from your story as I am struggling with a crocheted bag at the moment and feel like a bit of a failure!

Susan said...

Oh my God! I have never been moved to comment on a knitting blog - but this bag is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!
I want to order the yarn & the pattern now!