Saturday, January 3, 2009

Be Happy

Well for a Christmas I wasn't looking forward to, it turned out pretty good.


Get rid of some of that stash (that I didn't realise existed).


Be healthy.

Think positive.

Organise myself a little better.

And be happy.


Bells said...

Great sunny shots! And fabulous resolutions. I like.

Rose Red said...

Glad you had a good christmas! Is that a new puppy for you? Or just the cutest cute puppy ever!

Happy new year!

knitabulous said...

Hi RoseRed,
He's not my dog, my sister's pup. A pug cross Jack Russell - possibly called a Jug or a Pussell, who knows with these designer breeds popping up everywhere?

He is cute though. Storm has lost the cute dog mantle in the family and is sulking big time.

2paw said...

Happy New Year, it looks like there was a lot of fun!!