Sunday, January 11, 2009

Haven't you heard of lemsip?

I seem to have come down with a cold.

But don't worry, it's not man flu.

(And it makes for plenty of knitting time.)

*I do have to say, my husband is not one to get man flu, I have to tell him not to go to work if he's sick. He usually ignores me and goes anyway.)


jae said...

Oh my, that is hysterical! And true for some men I know. Fortunately, my hubby isn't one of them.

Charmaine said...

Yeah, Chi Wai hardly ever gets sick and then when he does he's really tough on himself. He does this thing where he makes himself "sweat it out" by getting into bed with lots of clothes on and blankets. He swears by this method and when I get sick (all the time) he wants me to do the same. I think it's disgusting!
I hope you are feeling better soon, and enjoy the extra knitting time.