Thursday, January 8, 2009

Have you heard?

When I was in Dublin, I visited the little yarn store called This is Knit. It was a lovely little place, I picked up some sock yarn and needles for my mother-in-law, who had mentioned how much she liked my hedera socks. Knowing that she already had enjoyed a little knitting in the past, I didn't need much more encouragement than that to get her started on a pair of her own.

While I was there, a young girl (no doubt from Ravelry, although I was too shy to approach her), was talking to a man who could have been the owner or he could have been the Rowan rep (I was too shy to approach him either). The ravelry girl asked the rep 'so what's new in yarn?'.

He said that Rowan yarns were on the verge of releasing a brand new yarn made completely from .. wait for it .. SUGAR CANE!

A google search reveals nothing .. so if it does come about in the future, remember you heard it here first kids.

Interesting huh?


Rose Red said...

Hmph! Sugar Cane, what will they think of next?! Sliced bread perhaps! heh!

Glad you got in a yarn store while you were in Dublin!

ps - and you, shy? I'm not sure I believe it!

donyale said...

No no Jane - that's Ailsa to a tee - Shy. Heh heh. Sugar Cane huh? In-ter-rest-ing.

Katewillknit said...

Is there anything that can't be turned into yarn? Glad you found a yarn store to visit.

Luni said...

Bagasse, the fibers left after they grind the cane to release the sugar-laden juice, used to be thrown away by the ton in my home state of Louisiana. That has changed. I've heard of using it to make ethanol and other products, but not yarn. Interesting!

SallyO said...

Sugar cane is interesting, yes. But nothing compared to the idea that you're SHY. Not the first adjective that springs to mind when I think of you.