Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knitting Triage


Autumn Rose, you have to wait. Even though you require the longest operation, your need is not acute as the others.

Pretty as a Peacock, you need some serious cosmetic surgery, for right now you're not all that pretty. All that shoddy work the previous surgeon did will have to come out. What? I did it? No, you must be mistaken, I have an evil twin you know. I think I can rebuild you in time for the show - you'll be faster, better, stronger - the bionic shawl.

Sock, why didn't you come and see me about this earlier? I'll prescribe you a steroid, hopefully we'll see an improvement by the time you need to go to your blind date, 1 March.

Oh honey, don't look at me like that ... a surgeon's work is never done. You know you're just mmm, perfect. Will you wait there while I get rid of these patients and I can really lay my hands on you baby? Pour yourself a drink, I'll be there as soon as I can.

Hey kids, The purple yarn and I are off to the Carribean for the next few weeks. I'll return with presents, I promise.


Rose Red said...

I read about your dilemma on Rav - oh dear - good luck with the surgery/cosmetic work!!

2paw said...

Oh, I wish I could send help: Stat!!! Nothing like a sense of humour to see you through your trials. Now I am singing the Banana Boat song, have a wonderful holiday!!!