Saturday, February 14, 2009

What kind of galah?

Gets herself this overcommitted with a hobby? The knitabulous kind, of course!

The galah coloured Autumn Rose is coming along. Actually it's a bit further along than this picture - I have two and a half medallion repeats done now - and am just about up to the part where you join the sleeves and the body together. To do that, I'll need some sleeves.

And here's the back (because that's the important bit, isn't it?)

I really need to knit another peacock shawl for my the show - deadline for that is 24 March.

I also have to knit a sock for the Samurai Knitter's sock roulette by the end of February. (how did that jump in my online basket?). The gamblers haven't been allocated yet but - if you're my partner - you'll be getting a yellow sock. So, if you want a yellow sock knitted by me, you can still sign up over at Samurai's blog.

And then, just yesterday, I was contacted by the editor to design a project for a future issue of Yarn magazine (by jingo - the yarn she suggested - well let's say I had to be rescuscitated - very excited about this one)

And I've started working five day weeks again.

So the knitting timeline for Feb and March looks like this:

Feb 14 - Feb 24 : Autumn Rose (It won't be finished sadly)
Feb 24 - Feb 28 : Single Sock
Mar 01 - Mar 18 : Peacock Shawl
Mar 18 - Mar 24 : Finish Autumn Rose

DON'T FORGET: Australian Red Cross - donate $10 - serendipity - receipt details to be emailed - win great prizes such as sundara and wollmeise and gorgeous justjussi patterns - entries close Mar 1.


Bells said...

Ailsa it's beautiful. Really beautiful, inside and out!

Will look forward to seeing how you go with your schedule - that's a crazy one.

Rose Red said...

That's some ambitious knitting schedule - but I've no doubt you can do it!

Autumn Rose looks fantastic!

2paw said...

There's nothing like a plan!! Good luck with your knitting.
The Autumn Rose looks beautiful inside and out and not galahish at all. I am in awe of your knitting!!

Ann said...

Autumn Rose is gorgeous & I love the colors combination. Anyway, I do love the colors of the galahs. Good luck on your projects.

Leeanne said...

Your Autumn Rose is looking great, must take loads of concentration. Wont see you at SnB this month but will see you at the one after.