Friday, April 3, 2009

A is for April

A is for Autumn

Rose that is ..

I'll post a picture tomorrow, sleeves are inching their way to the armpits.

A is for Accessories

Slouchy beret from Debbie Bliss Magazine 1. Knit in 100purewool worsted in colourway poison. Knit for Emily, who turned sixteen on Tuesday. Happy Birthday Emily!

A is for Anticipation.

Shop up.

Have a look.

I know there's nothing in it. But it looks pretty, doesn't it?

I can't wait for the school holidays next week - the kids are going away with my dad for five nights over Easter. Of course Alan and I will miss them, but I'm sure we will get over it.


Janette said...

Any chance your Dad can handle three more kids for five night?

So you'll have lots of yarn to put up in your Etsy store real soon!

2paw said...

Lovely shop: most refined and subtle!!! Oh time alone to do lots of things!!

Bells said...

about bloody time you opened a shop!

stitchbliss said...

Uber cool hat. I am sure my daughter wants one. I love your shop layout, very smart.

jae said...

Congrats on your own shop! Can't wait to see all the amazing stuff you'll do.

Charmaine said...

Knitabulous indeed!

Enjoy your kid free break!

Rose Red said...

Glad you've opened your shop! Guess you'll spend all that spare time over Easter dyeing yarns, will you??!!