Monday, March 30, 2009

When I see her walking down the street

I see red, I see red, I see red.

Thank you all so much for the positive reinforcement from yesterday's yarns. I have been dyeing yarn for quite a while now, but am not great at plucking up the courage to actually put myself out there. You don't know how great your comments make me feel.

I've had these dyed up for some time - but I've never shown them on the blog before.

SILK LACE - 150g/1000yds/930m - Pope's Slippers - $45 including postage in Australia, $55AUD inclusive overseas)- SOLD

This is one gorgeous specimen. A clear red, not quite solid - perfect for a shawl sized Red Emperor or a showstopping lace project. 100% pure red silk. This scarlet woman is almost impossible to get right through a lens, but there's no tricking the eye in real life.

SILK LACE - 150g/1000yds/930m - Summer Pudding - $45 including postage in Australia, $55AUD - SOLD inclusive overseas

This is the same silk lace, a full 1000yds, in a softly shaded mix of soft red and reddy pink.

SILKSTREAM - 100% silk single - SUMMER PUDDING - 100g/325m - 2 available - $20 each including postage in Australia, $25 each for overseas - SOLD

This yarn feels almost liquid in your hands, and is heavy for it's thickness. I'd say it'd be a 4 ply kind of weight, a great scarf weight. The 650m in both skeins would get you an average sized shetland shorty, or any other bolero style garment.

My friend Kate made a lovely ribbon lace scarf from two skeins of this yarn in a soft blue - so you can see what she says about it there.

SILKSTREAM - 100% silk single -
UNAPOLOGETIC - 100g/325m - 2 available - $20 each including postage in Australia, $25 each for overseas

Yeah. It's really really pink. Maybe I should have called it 'inner child'.

Once again, If you're interested buying these yarns, email me at knitabulousatgmaildotcom


Rose Red said...


Can't breathe! So excited!

Katewillknit said...

mmmmmmm such yummy silk ... might have to redirect some of Mr Rudd's money

wenswoolgathering said...

gorgeous - I wish I had some money atm!

2paw said...

oh how beautiful, though of course not as lovely as the green. no punctuation as i am holding the baby and typing with one hand.

Ann said...

Gorgeous colors & I love them all. Just have to get more hours at work.