Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's not easy being green

In tribute to Earth Hour, may I present to you knitabulous' study in greens.

I don't really like green much as a rule, but I acknowledge that some people do, so if I'm going to go into the dyeing business (which I am working on) I'll have to dye colours that aren't always to my taste.

Not all yarn can be pink, can it?

IVY LEAGUE- 55% silk, 45% wool laceweight - 100g/930m/(1020yd) - SOLD

This is a really beautiful yarn, up there with the best laceweights I've ever seen. It's got almost no halo and a nice dry hand from the silk, but the presence of the wool means it's going to still be lively when it's knitted. Not too thin, not too thick. I'm kind of in love with this yarn.

EVOO - 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon sock yarn 100g/420m(450yd)SOLD

You know when you go to a nice restaurant with white tablecloths and big stiff napkins you sometimes get a dish of olive oil with your bread? (forgive me if that's a bit yesterday, it's been a while since I've been to a good restaurant) And you know how those dishes are sometimes graduated, so the oil looks darker and darker in concentric circles? Well that's the colour I was going for in this yarn. Foodie points for anyone who knows the acronym.

This is a nice squishy sock yarn with a good firm twist and the superwash/nylon blend means your gift socks won't get wrecked when the recipient chucks them in the machine.

MERMADIA - 100% silk lace - 150g/1000yds(930m) - SOLD

This one is probably my favourite of the three. It's a pretty greeny blue mix, a soft shade but not pastel. A happy green I think. This laceweight is slightly heavier than some of the silk laceweights I've seen around, which makes for slightly meatier projects, and slightly easier knitting. However, it won't be the base yarn I'll be using in the future.

If anyone is interested in buying these samples, please email me on - I'm not officially in business yet but I hope to be soon.


SallyO said...

Love, love, LOVE. May we have weights and meterage, please?

Rose Red said...

LOVE Ivy League - love it! would totally buy it.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (heh) - you know, if you didn't tell me the name was an acronym, I would never have got it. I'm such a dolt sometimes.

Can we have reds next please? Please pretty please with sugar on top? Blue-red sugar maybe?

jacqueline said...

you and i must have been seperated at birth because if you keep dyeing those greens sister and my wallet is safe. as beautiful as they are green is just not my thing.

like rose red i am looking forward to some major red overload! bring it on baybee

Tania said...

I love all three, especially Ivy League. I'm looking forward to your foray into the dyeing business. Am keeping tabs on your blog ;)

2paw said...

Oh word, those greens are to die for!!! How beautiful. I think, being a green aficionado myself, that you have excelled!!
I've bought a baby so there's precious little yarn for me till Mr Rudd comes through with his money!!!

LynS said...

The depth and variation in the colours is lovely, Ailsa. We will be very fortunate once you start dyeing in earnest.

Luni said...

As someone who loves her greens, I applaud your inspired interpretations of the color. I'd buy, but I'm in the states, and am daunted by international shipping, not to mention exchange rates.
Thanks for the pretty pictures. I'm sure your venture will go well.

Ann said...

I am not a green person too but Ivy League is gorgeous. The yarn base looks great & must feel great too! What about some blues?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarns! Ivy League is especially gorgeous :)