Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inertia: the tendency to keep doing what you are doing

Trouble with not blogging for a while is that it's easy never to blog again. Matter has a tendency to keep doing what it is doing - so does blogging I guess.

April has been quite busy:

The Easter Bunny was good to me:

I put the Wool Addiction fridge magnet on the fridge. Husband mused hopefully that it might be a support group.

I went to my local lys's annual knitting retreat. Lots of knitting, plenty of food, great company, too much to drink. While I was there, I got Autumn Rose finished. There are some pictures out there of me wearing it at the knitting camp, unblocked and not that attractive - especially next to Donna's beautifully finished piece. I've blocked it since, but the neckline is still very wide and low.

Straight after the knitting camp I went down the coast with my family (including mum, dad and the boat). This was our dawn vista.

And breakfast point.

Sunset wasn't too foul either.

These guys visited us twice a day.

There was trans-generational bonding.

And we all had a very relaxing time.

But now, back to reality with a bump, and back to work tomorrow. Blah.


Rose Red said...

Love the holiday shots - looks fabulous.

And I didn'tt realise you won a Wool Addiction voucher - makes all those ribbons even better (mmm, that is an excellent store).

Husband is v. funny!

Lara said...


But for those o us that didn't make it to the show, can you tell us what won what?

travellersyarn said...

Oh, those photos make me feel homesick (even though home for me was the North Coast), and the knitting looks lovely!

Ann said...

Looks like you had a lovely family holiday!

Geek Knitter said...

If by "support group" he means people who will make you happy by supporting your purchases... well yeah, of course!

Leeanne said...

Very funny re: knitting support group, you should tell him that knitting has been proven to be medically theraputic.

Where was your little break taken at? Looks really nice.

OH yeah and I found out you work with a relative of a friend. Tatta? I dont know how to spell her name but she mentioned that you went to school together.

Charmaine said...

Looks like you had a lovely time away Ailsa!

Charmaine said...

PS. I know what you mean about intertia. It's been five weeks since I posted on my blog. Trying to fight the intertia and get a post out!