Saturday, May 9, 2009

The nights are fair drawing in

As the Scottish say.

I've not been inclined to start the Heroine Jacket, partly because I fear I have a skein or two short (and it's not something I'd likely buy again), and partly because I really am not a big fan of felted knitting. Or fulled knitting. Whatever.

If I do knit it, it will be more for the blog than for the result. Fellow knit bloggers may understand this predicament.

So, in the meantime I've been dyeing a lot of yarn, doing some experimental design knitting, and knitting a clapotis in the new cleckheaton kaleidoscope yarn. The nights are drawing in, so a new scarf is just the ticket. And, by the looks of it so far, I can predict it will be on high rotation.


Donna said...

That's a bit freaky - I just wound some purple-y 4 ply for a new clapotis, too!

knitabulous said...

That is very freaky.. I didn't think you even liked the clapotis.

But it isn't the first time we've been of the same mind. I feel sorry for you.

2paw said...

I saw the Kaleidoscope wool this week. I wonder if there is a green?? It looks quite squooshy and nice!! (I'd also like to complain about your cheeky word verification today: 'fatti' it said!!!!!!!

The Scarlet Tree said...

Hi, I love that colour, almost the colour my wedding dress was, or is, I should say...I have a clapotis on the needles recently as well, must be the season!

kgirl said...

I'll look forward to reading about your progress on the Heroine jacket if you do end up making it - like you, I am a little wary of the felting aspect.

so I'll let you do the test knitting, ha ha!!

the clapotis is looking lovely and snuggly, beautiful colours

Charmaine said...

You clap is looking lovely! I'd love to have a squeeze of that yarn. Does it feel nice and soft?