Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cute overload

I had the day off yesterday - I didn't call anyone, I didn't invite anyone over, and I didn't get out of my pj's until it was time to go to out for coffee in the afternoon with my 8 yo daughter and my cousins 18yo daughter (she's studying law at the Uni nearby and is staying with us during session). Having a new 18 yo 'daughter' around the house for company rocks!

The girls made the cutest cupcakes.

I took some pictures of the two cute things I bought at kinokunya bookstore last weekend. One of them is perfect for sock dpn's (probably a little small for actual pencils), the other is for my every expanding selection of frequent sipper coffee cards). Look at the bunny in the picture frame! It even has a little red pin and a string holding it up.

I also got on with knitting some more lace, which doesn't exactly fall into the 'cute' category. I'm loving how this lace pattern is coming out so far, and I am completely in love with the colour of the silk.

But whilst I wouldn't call the project 'cute', have a look what I carry it around in. Chocolate penguins!

And I eventually straightened by hair, put on some makeup, ate gozleme, drank coffee made for me by the guy who roasted the beans, bought some organic chard and fresh peas, dyed and photographed yarn, visited the yarn store, made tacos for dinner!

I want my part time job back.


Charmaine said...


LynS said...

's not cute, I just love the colour and texture of the lace. What's is going to become?

LynS said...

Somehow the beginning of my comment was cut off - should read 'Even though it's not cute..'

missfee said...

love the cake stand and want those cupcakes

Jussi said...

I've realised why we are destined not to live near one another - we would both stop working and spend our days eating cupcakes, drinking coffee and playing with yarn!

actually - can't see anything wrong with that

Rose Red said...

The lace is gorgeous (both yarn and pattern!!).

Love the cupcake tower.

And what can I say...not working ROCKS!!

Ann said...

Yummy cupcakes ! The lace shawl is looking good & I love the color.

2paw said...

Those cup cakes are fabulous!! I love their decorations. Very cute needle case and the lace project is just beautiful. I love the swirliness of the lace.

Maria said...

Love the colour of the lace yarn. Does it have a name? Cause I so want something like this to make a shawl for me for my daughters wedding. Love it!!