Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life is long - knit something big

Way way back in February 2006, I had made some headway on the original iteration of this project. It's interesting because I looked it up on the old blog, and found that it took me two weeks to make almost one square. This time, I'm only working on it as a 'backstop' project when lace requires too much concentration or only have a few minutes here and there, it's taken me one week to make one square and a half, I don't even feel like I've really worked on it yet.

I've never stopped wanting to make this blanket, even though I abandoned the first attempt years ago. When I went back to ravelry to look at the projects, I still liked it the most of all the sock yarn blankets.

So, I thought I might take advantage of the beautiful silk/bamboo/wool sock yarn that I have in the shop, and keep a few skeins for myself and knit something with my own yarn.

It's the Bear Claw Blanket by Veronique Avery. From the very first Interweave Knits magazine I ever bought.

The yarn is my Ultimate Sock yarn, in Turkey Red, Charcoal Suit and Natural. There will be a border around the whole thing in an indigo blue, but it will be some time before you'll be seeing that part I imagine.


Luni said...

Fabulous! I'm sure it will be worth the effort. The colors are perfect--just bright enough, with great contrast. I knit my own "starter" square of this pattern over a year ago, calling it a swatch. Someday, I'll start on it in earnest.

Lara said...


BTW - I am desperately in love with my Charcoal Suit, and various toddlers have tried to make off with it too. Now to work out what to do with it, too precious for socks!

Rose Red said...

Isn't it great when you finally start on that project you fell in love with forever ago. Looks great in those colours to.

Bells said...

Gosh that's going to be a stunning work of art. If you are still wanting to make it after all this time, it's meant to be.

2paw said...

I remember that blanket so well, it may have been the first magazine I bought as well!!! The colours are just lovely.