Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dog and Bird

This morning, we had a visitor through the open back door.

For a few minutes of sheer imaginary delight - we all childishly wished he could stay forever in our sunroom.

Even Storm was excited to see him! (nom nom - says storm)

After a few swoops of confusion, he left as suprisingly as he came in.

And that was the most exciting thing that happened today.


soknitpicky said...

I've had a bird come into our house before, but it wasn't as smart as yours and couldn't figure out how to leave, even though we left everything open. We finally ended up catching it under a laundry basket so we could set it free.

BTW, I love your lamp--that's awesome! And thank you for the nice comment on my new cardi :-)

2paw said...

Very good photo!! There are three big dogs chasing any birds that come inside here, so it's a big storm!! Poor pup, KFB almost within reach!!!

Jan said...

we had a visitor in the kitchen last summer - a large currawong. Unfortunately it left a very large calling card on the butcher's block where we prepare all food.