Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love knitting. Sometimes I even do it.

Stormsvale is coming along. Not quickly, mind, but coming along nonetheless.

At first I was going to use the super expensive norwegian yarn, but in the end I went for Cleckheaton Country 8 ply and a little Panda Colour 4 me.

The Country is a lovely glossy, sturdy workhorse yarn that enhances the subtlety of the herringbone stitch really well.

I have found it very difficult to keep track of the shaping without biasing the stitch pattern, the instructions seemed counter-intuitive to me, but in the end I just did what I was told and it's working okay.

The fair-isle at the waist was such a pleasant diversion - it's a shame it's all plod plod till the neckline now.

Not a lot else active on the needles right now that I can talk about - but I've an itch to knit me something RED.


missfee said...

I love the colours and the texture!!!!

missfee said...

I just want on too!!!!

Rose Red said...

Weeeeeeeeeee! something red! I like the sound of that!

This looks great so far!

Bells said...

i like that you speak so well of such a workhorse yarn. I love some of those yarns and hearing other people say so is quite validating! It looks wonderful.

Helen said...

Oh yes Love REd would be fantabulous me thinks too - te he!

Great to hear from Miss Ails and thanks so much forgiving me the link to your crafty world.

...and yes you do indeed knit ...and how! I am so in awe!!

Looking forward to keeping in touch via our crafty worlds now that I'm back in blogerooni land.

chat soon


Ann said...

Lovely colors & that herringbone st is nice!

2paw said...

That is a gorgeous jacket and I love the way the herringbone stitch looks. Something Red sounds very interesting!!