Saturday, December 26, 2009


Before I show this to you, I should at least wait till it's dry. I should at least dye it like I planned to. Because that would be the right thing to do.

But - what the heck - I just cannot wait to show you.

My incredibly fast test knitter just dropped around her finished version of what I have tentatively named the Bollywood capelet. (Not shawlette - capelet). Some of you who read the other Sydney knitters blogs may remember the prototype I knit for LynS for her birthday.

(Whilst looking for the particular post about this scarf on LynS's blog, I became distracted and ended up reading almost her entire archive. What an inspirational woman; independent, intelligent, incredibly stylish and what's more - every thing she knits is beautiful too. And this digression led me to burn my shortcrust pastry stars - luckly they are only for a tree in the gingerbread houses front yard, not for eating. Anyhow, where was I?)

So, I have written the pattern up and had it test knitted. And here it is; heavily wet and not blocked - but I just couldn't wait.

There are a lot of small shawls out there right now. I think the small shawl is to 2009 what the small tubular neckwarmer was to 2008. I designed it because I like my lace pretty - not edgy or androgynous.

It's easier than feather and fan (only a four row pattern) but does have patterning on both sides. The triple panel construction gives you a 'capelet' that sits beautifully on the shoulders, but of course it can be scrunched up and wound around the neck as a scarf also.

The great thing about small shawls is that they only take one 100g skein, so you get a lot of instant gratification.

It will be included in the second parcel of the 'Indian Summer' yarn club, so some of you reading here will get yours soon. I may put it for sale on ravelry and my etsy store in the future, but there are no immediate plans.

I may even be back again before New Years' Eve, I have a funny story about the twelve disastrous snowflakes of crochet!


2paw said...

Oh my, no wonder you can't wait!! It is very Northern Hemisphere Christmassy too, it looks snow-flaky. I love the lace and think you may be right about TwentyTen being the year of the Small Shawl!!

Anonymous said...

How good does it look....I'm so pleased goose bumps...from me

missfee said...

oo I am so excited - love the pattern and can't wait to see the colour

snowflakes what snowflakes.......

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Its like Christmas all over!

LynS said...

Thank you for your comments. I'm surprised and overwhelmed. And you know I love the shawl - it looks wonderful and sits beautifully on your shoulders.

Graceful Rose Designs said...

Oh please do put that pattern for sale in the future! It's gorgeous! Plus, I love Bollywood movies, so it would be the perfect thing to wear to a film!

Yarna said...

Oh how wonderful! I have admired Lyn's shawl and was so hoping that the pattern would be included in the Yarn Club.

Maria said...

I love the capelet. I have been looking for something semi-solid with lace. I knew I should have joined yarn club - darn

Corrie said...

oh gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! just love it!!!!!!!

I also have some serious gingerbread house envy going on....nice!