Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I must have forgotten something

I've gone for a minimalist christmas look this year.

Which is perhaps why, on the Eve of Christmas Eve, I am sut on the couch in the early afternoon, taking pictures of my knitting. I cannot understand why I have time to do this.

I have begun my Magnum Opus for 2010 - the Mediterranean Lace shawl from a Gathering of Lace.

I have loved this shawl since I first laid eyes on this book in 2006. Back then I did not imagine I would ever have the skill to even contemplate it. The border alone has more stitches in it than most triangular shawls. I'm completely in love with it.

One of my favourite people who knits has finished her Shantaram Socks in the Salwaar Kameez yarn from the first yarn club parcel. She did them two at once on two circulars, and has kindly re-written the pattern for people who wish to do the same.

And they look pretty good, if I don't say so myself!

Just now I have been flicking through some recipe books and mags to decide what we'll all be eating over the Christmas break - and it suddenly occurs to me that I haven't been to the supermarket! I knew I forgot something!!!

Again, have a wonderful and safe Christmas, and I'll see you all in 2010!



Rose Red said...

tee hee, have fun at the supermarket!! The trolleys do come in handy for ramming through crowds I find...heh!
Have a fab Christmas, those socks look great!

missfee said...

oh I was trying so hard to finish these fast but they are too much fun and I am savouring each row.
Love the shawl
love the house

happy xmas and thanks for the faboo yarn honey!!!!!

Ruby Girl said...

The shawl is gorgeous, I must try a shawl in 2010. The socks are lovely, I haven't started mine yet, and well what can I say.....are you haven't been to the supermarket, you are going to need all the luck and patience with that one. Merry Christmas.

The Scarlet Tree said...

Merry xmas!! Have a great day. I couldn't believe how quiet it was in town!!! Maybe it was fortuitous that you forgot...

2paw said...

People go MAD at the supermarket buying thousands of loaves of bread and a trolley full of milk when the shops are open again the next day. Your house looks so calm. I wish mine was calm, and I love your lace!!
Merry Christmas!!

Geek Knitter said...

That lace is going to be fabulous!

My survival tip for busy days at the market is just to keep smiling. People seem to respond pretty well to it.

Merry Christmas to you.

Dr K said...

the socks look awesome, and that shawl is a stunner. i have to do the supermarket today too. eep. have a good one xx

LynS said...

Your sock pattern in salwar kameez looks just as beautiful as I'd anticipated. I'd love to be knitting it, but I must (I must, I must) finish my last sock for my 2009 personal sock club by 31 December. Then I can start on Shantaram.

And the shawl...exquisite.

weebug said...

Merry Christmas! I think that minamalist works just fine!