Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year Suprise!

This morning knitabulous yarn was featured in an etsy treasury!

I don't know how to embed the page (you'd think after five plus years of blogging I might have worked this out, but you'd be wrong there).

Anyhow, the treasury's theme is 'blazes' and my 'like the blazes' sock yarn is in there, right at the very end..

Here is a link to it - I will work on how to show the screenshot here.

Happy New Year to you!


Anonymous said...

Well done, what a great suprise for the new year... hopefully a pointer to how exciting 2010 will be for you

2paw said...

Fabulous, what a great start to the New Year. Must finish my Tennis Ball socks as soon as the weather is conducive!!

travellersyarn said...

You are on your way to international cult dyerdom - congratulations!

jp said...

Making a mark then!

Enjoy it - As you should.

Plus I can say I had your yarn before the masses found you right!

Bells said...

that's something to be chuffed with!