Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bollywood Take 2

I've already made this post. But I didn't tell you that I actually have two of these.

One knit by me on big needles with optim 4ply I ran into a few years ago in Geelong.

And the one that used to be cream.

I wish I had have waited, because I think these shots are so much better. They have an elephant in them. And now, it's too late to see these pictures on the pattern page of ravelry.

Silly impatient me.


kgirl said...

I'm really liking that pattern :D

and the elephant just MAKES those shots ;)

2paw said...

It's gorgeous, in both its incarnations!!
I agree, the elephant is an inspired accessory!!

Ruby Girl said...

They are both nice, I prefer the one of the larger needles, love the colourway of that one too.

foreverknit said...

I LOVE the capelets/mini shawls! I have already knitted 3 or 4 but there is always room for more! Can't wait for my yarn in the post now!
Just cast on Shantaram last night and liking how it is turning out too!

Ann said...

Bollywood looks great & I can't wait for my yarn to arrive so that I can cast on.

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