Sunday, January 10, 2010

Knitting Directions in the New Decade

I've just had the least prolific finished knitted object year - the output has been rubbish. This is because I have abandoned SO MANY projects that I started, I am ashamed of myself.

Some of them I didn't even blog about, because I really only show finished items.

I really wasted a lot of knitting time this past year. It is my belief that there are only a finite number of knitting hours in one's life, and squandering them away on failed projects is a complete waste of time. I feel the same way about drinking bad wine. There are only a finite number of wine hours - you must use them wisely!

But man, I met a lot of people, made a few new friends, drank a lot of wine (but probably less than 2008), went on two planes, and dyed a lot of yarn. Not too bad.

Here's what I did get finished. It's a little embarrasing.

1. tweed blanket, 2. aestlight worn, 3. aeolian, 4. niddy noddy as baby, 5. Mock Cabled Vest, 6. baktus scarf 4, 7. Feb Baby Sweater , 8. cleckheaton kaledoscope, 9. autumn rose finished, 10. Debbie Bliss Slouchy Hat, 11. pretty as a peacock again, 12. Hedera, 13. ivel, 14. Bollywood Nights 2, 15. shantaram, 16. shantaram

My knitting goal for 2010 was going to be like Donna's - knit what i want when I want, but I do like a bit of discipline with my knitting. (Ooh aar missus!)

So, my own goal is to really focus on what I want to knit and why, and finish or frog (as in not just abandon) EVERY THING I start. Except the blankets. They can take ten years for all I care.

On the list for garments this year are the following:

1. Featherweight Cardigan - in knitabulous yarn FiftyFifty. I've already started this. Hoping it will be a quick knit.

2. Tea Leaves Cardigan in Madeline Tosh Worsted in the exact colour of the sample. Not that easy to obtain, but I adore the colour.

3. A norwegian inspired pullover or cardigan like Neiman or perhaps the Freyja sweater. I'm leaning towards the Neiman cardigan.

4. Kelmscott - I started this in a cleckheaton single, but I didn't like how it was knitting up, it was a little fluffy. I have bought a few balls of alpaca and I'm going to swatch with it. It suprised me to realise that I have never knit anything from alpaca before.

5. Peaks Island Hood in Rowan Kid Classic.

And I'd really like to knit more tweedy yarns.

On the list for lace this year are the following;

1. Mediterranean Lace Shawl - I've started this, thinking I could make it in time for the Easter Show, but sadly it's just too big. 2011 maybe.

2. Something Black - I don't know what yet.

On the list for knitabulous yarns;

1. I'm going to really put more effort into building this business. I love it so much! To this end I will begin stocking Fleece Artist Merino as one of my bases in February. It's expensive, but it really is a beautiful sock yarn.

2. I'm going to keep the other yarns though.

3. I'm going to go to my own website with a permanent colour range, as well as the one-off's I do now.

4. There will be another club opening in February. It will be geographically themed again, I'm tossing up between Paris and Japan at the moment.

5. I'm going to introduce a frequent customer program, to thank the wonderful repeat buyers I have for their support.

And on the personal list

1. I'm going to try and learn how to run.

2. We're hoping to sell this house and move this year. Not sure how far yet but it will definitely be north.

My primary objective though, is not to let 2010 slip through my fingers like 2009 did.


Janette said...

Sounds like a wonderful year to look forward to. Good luck with every single thing you want to achieve.

Ruby Girl said...

The knitting you did complete is inspirational and the list of what you want to knit this year is just as inspirational. It is good to have some sort of idea on what you will be doing. Good luck with the business, sale of house etc etc.

kgirl said...

Your 2009 knitting is a gorgeous mist of achievements - all that beautiful lace and stunning colour!

2010 looks like an equally good line up, and I'm waiting with baited breath on the next yarn club!

Rose Red said...

I think anyone with a fair isle jumper (with steeks!) and a first prize winning gorgeous coat cannot count their knitting year as a failure!!

Love the plans for 2010, look forward to seeing all those FO's!

Donna said...

North is good - but not too far north!
I would've sworn you'd knit more than that, but I'm obviously mistaken.

DrK said...

i think you have been very productive this year...lots of lovely things finished, prizes won and a business started, hello! heres to more of the same in 2010

sue said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful year planned and so many of those knits are gorgeous. I have enjoyed buying your wonderful yarn this year, and discovered yesterday that I owned 9 different colors of your sock yarn. I am knitting 12 pairs of socks this year so I think 9 of them will be from your yarn, the colors are just amazing. My 8 yr old daughter was asking which one she could have knit into socks too, so maybe another skein in something pink will be nice shortly!

Ann said...

You have done well in 2009 with all those gorgeous projects. I am excited about your 2010 plans & wish you all the best!

Bells said...

I think your standards must be very high because you've done great things! Ok, not HUGE numbers but all class work!

And your plans for 2010 have made me entirely rethink my own all day today since I first read this post this morning !

LynS said...

I wish I could have a relatively unproductive year and produce so many wonderful BIG projects.

I've not set any goals for 2010 - knitting or otherwise. Like you, I have moving house on my personal agenda for the coming year and I suspect that will gobble up lots of my time and both emotional and physical energy.

PS Love the idea of a loyalty scheme - I'm loyal... really, I am.

Yoga Knitdra said...

If that's what you call an unproductive year, then look out 2010! Loving the 50/50 and looking forward to the next club already!

Lien said...

Oh good luck with the running. Best thing ever - not everybody agrees, but the only thing I have stuck to so far!!

Lara said...

North? As in Sydney?

Anonymous said...

Please let it be Sydney.

I think that your output is amazing - along with building a wonderful business!

M-H said...

Embarrassed? You ? I don't believe it! There are some lovely pieces there. Get over it, girlfriend.

Will Glint be part of your permanent colour range? Not pressure...

Anonymous said...

A little bit late to the comments, but I think you've had an amazingly productive and successful year.

Here's hoping 2010 is even better!

Gidgetknits said...

I'm enjoying the Peak Island Hood - even the moss stitch! And those are some great 2009 projects.

Anonymous said...

You could always look at 2009 as the year where you loaded the spring to zoom forward through 201o